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Chances of Indian Horse Racing to become World Class


The heading of my write up is one of the most important and haunting questions pondering the minds of every Horse Racing  Organiser, Race Horse Breeder and Horse Race  lover in India. The answer is loud and clear, let alone the improvement of our Horse Racing in India  so much that it can match the International standards, I am afraid, that what I have been seeing over the past 45 years is not very encouraging and in fact is a sad story. It  follows as:

a) It can be seen that the standard of live stock has improved to some extent as is quite clear from the performances and timings  recorded for most of the races being run in India now, though it is also a fact that quite a lot of these improved performances are also atributed to better training techniques, better feed supplements and advanced performance enhencement substances( legal and illegal ).

b)The conduct of racing events, their reliability and fairness in the end result vis a vis the actual merits and demerits of the contenders has become a big question mark. You are never sure, in  most of the races that the race will be run purely as per the merits. No doubt, each and every race has so many imponderable factors, but the doubt deep in the mind of any serious and  knowledgeable race analyst is the biggest bug and I am afraid this aspect of Indian racing has gone bad to worse. Non of the racing authorities any where in India are doing any thing to infuse this confidence in the minds of racing public, (which is the life line of racing any where in the World and very much in India as well)

c)I am being very brief, so please excuse me for this: Some suggestions are:

i) Be very strict with offenders of illegal medications, these are rampant in India and are killing the fair horse racing in India.( one month suspension is a joke and that is what we have)You have to eradicate it completely)

ii) Be very strict with offenders of in and out running of their wards. Increase the period of gap between improved performances of a horse to minimum of one month after a poor performance.Treat harshly  the offenders of mal practices, have intelligence systems in place so as to catch offenders and create  adequate deterrent.The below power performances must be investigated thoroughly and dealt with suitably.

iii)The Stipendiary Stewards must know their job well, they have to be trained well and if required they should get the required training and practical experience abroad.Pay them well so that they respect their jobs and are careful about protecting them.

iv)Increase the stake money, it must be attractive enough and commensurate with the costing of a race horse, otherwise how will an owner get his investment back.( he will have to resort to unfair means, all sorts of means can be adopted in that case)

v)All concerned authorities must know their jobs well, be fair, honest, above board and dedicated to the hilt, otherwise leave this job.

vi) Last but not the least, the taxation on betting must reduce, curb illegal betting, the illegal betting is eating all your and governments revenue. We know it is difficult, but this is the only  way out to make these organisations financially viable and respectable,why cant we see the rest of the world and follow their model, It is very much workable and tried out every where in the World.