• Punjabi Girl wins The Fillies Championship Stakes (Gr.1)
Winter Season 2017-18
* Please note when two horses work together the first named horse has worked on the outside of its companion
800 Metres
Wild Wings (K Sai Kiran)1-0 600/44  shaped well.Even
Dream Girl (RB)1-1 600/45  looks well. +1
Columbus (RB)1-0 600/46  moved well.Even
Nautanki (Sameeruddin)1-0 600/45  fit and well.Even
Time For Fun (NS Rathore)1-0 600/45  shaped well. Even
Movie Moghual (RB)1-0 600/44  looks fit.Even
Warrior Supreme (C Umesh)59 600/45  moved well.-1
Like Wise (NS Rathore)59 600/45  strode out well. -1
The Healer (RB)1-3 600/47  handy. +3
Penumatcha's Pride (Aneel)1-3 600/47  moved easy. +3
Pride And Joy (RB)1-3 600/47  moved easy. +3
Manogamini (RB)1-1 600/46  handy.+1
Rainbow Blues (RB)1-0 600/46.5  good. Even
Take A Bow (RB)1-3 600/49  moved freely.+3
Found Money (A Joshi)1-2 600/48  moved easy.+2
Composure (RB)1-1 600/47  moved well.+1
Mangalyaan (P Ajeeth K)1-1 600/46  well in hand. +1
Escobar (Rohit Kumar)1-4 600/48  moved freely. +4
Angel Bay (RB)1-3 600/49  moved easy.+3
Sweetie Pie (AS Pawar)1-0 600/46  fit and well.Even
City Of Sails (K Sai Kiran)1-2 600/46  shaped well.+2
George Cross (RB)1-3 600/47  moved easy. +3
Enter Canter (RB)1-1 600/47  looks well.+1
Mountain Of Light (C Umesh)59 600/45  shaped well.-1
Western Wind (Apprentice)1-3 600/47  moved easy.+3
Sir Legend (RB)1-0 600/46  urged-a-bit.Even
Kimono (NS Rathore)1-1 600/47  well in hand.+1
Hunter's Pride (Sameeruddin)1-4 600/48  moved freely. +4
Breaking News (RB)1-2 600/46  shaped well.+2
Destined Dynamite (Ritesh)1-4 600/48  moved easy. +4
Sweet Story (B Dileep)1-3 600/49  moved freely.+3
Gladiator Royale (G Naresh)1-2 600/48  moved every asy. +2
All Star General (K Sai KIran)1-3.5 600/47.5  moved easy.+3.5
Indian Dreams (K Sai Kiran)1-4 600/48  moved freely. +4
Prime Time (Ritesh)1-3 600/48  moved very easy.+3
Big Flash (Deepak Singh)1-3 600/49  moved freely.+3
City Of Wonders (K Sai Kiran)1-4 600/48.5  moved easy. +4
Preciosa (Deepak Singh)1-4 600/49  moved freely. +4
Platinum Claasz (Deepshanker) & Pixie Girl (RB)1-3.5 600/47.5   pair moved easy.+3.5
Forever Bullish (AS Pawar) & Sam The Brave (C Umesh)1-2 600/48  pair moved freely.+2
Titus (RB) & Vancouver (RB)1-3 600/49  pair moved very easy.+3
Handy Man (NS Rathore) & Charming Beauty (B Dileep)1-3 600/49  pair moved freely.+3
Ryuzaki (RB) & Oh Pharaoh (Gaddam)1-2 600/47   pair looks well.+2
Batur (AK Pawar) & Avantika (Apprentice)1-3 600/45   pair moved well.+3
Zensational (RB) & Recumbentibus (Ritesh)1-3 600/48  par moved very easy.+3
1000 Metres
Limitation (NS Rathore)1-17 800/1-1600/48  moved freely.+2
Meritocracy (B Dileep) & Wine N Dine (NS Rathore)1-18 (1000/400) 44   pair unextended.+3
Rose Eternal (Deepshanker) & Little Smart Heart (Apprentice)1-19 800/1-1 600/47   pair looks well.+4
Dippy Dip (Sameeruddin) & Sea Change (RB)1-18 800/1-2 600/46   pair moved easy.+3
Crown Royal (Gopal Singh) & Southern Promise (Deepshanker)1-19 800/1-2 600/48   pair moved freely.+4
Prince Caspian (NS Rathore) & Mighty Swing (B Dileep)1-18 (From 1000/400) 45   pair looks well. +3
Ashwa Ashoka (Gaddam)1-17 800/59 600/46   fit and well.+2
1200 Metres
Golden Adara (Sameeruddin)1-34 1000/1-17 800/1-1600/48  moved easy.+4