• Punjabi Girl wins The Fillies Championship Stakes (Gr.1)
Monsoon Season 2018
* Please note when two horses work together the first named horse has worked on the outside of its companion
400 Metres
Committed (Ranidan S)28.5  Shaped well.-1.5
American Agatta (Mohit S)30  Freely.Even
600 Metres
Jester (A. Rajput) & My Freedom Vinay J)44 400/28.6  Pair level and worked well.-1
Sporting Trainer (Nikhil Naidu)43 400/27.6  Good.-2
Ababeel (Zarar Alam)43 400/28  Shaped well.-2
Celtic King (Vinay J)47 400/32  Not urged.+2
Mariska (A. Rajput)46 400/30.4  Handy.+1
Ayra s Pet (Md. Islam)43 400/27.4  Note.-2
My Lady Luck (Vinay J)46.5 400/30.4  Freely.+1.5
Simran's Choice (Vinay J) & Jorell (A. Rajput)45 400/28.8  Former better.Even
Born To Win (Nikhil Naidu)48 400/33  Very easy.+3
Jabble (A. Rajput) & Romancer (Vinay J)42 400/26.5  Pair impressed.-3
Mocha Loca (Rb) & Cover Drive (A. Roy)46.4 400/31.4  Pair very easy.+1.4
Sicario (Rb)48 400/33  Not urged.+3
Miraculix (Hindu S)49 400/33.5  Very easy.+4
800 Metres
Interstellar (Hindu S)1-02 600/47 400/32  Very easy.+2
Spear Of Trium (Mohit S) & So Regal (Zarar Alam)58 600/44 400/28.4  Pair level and worked well.-2
Power Of Freedom (Ranidan S)58.2 600/42.6 400/27  Note.-1.8
Fly Fly (Rb) & Lohtse (Afzal Khan)1-02 600/47 400/31.6  Pair level and easy.+2
Sand Track
400 Metres
Zander (Rb)26.4  Impressed.-3.6