• Punjabi Girl wins The Fillies Championship Stakes (Gr.1)
  • Sir Cecil wins The Colts Championship Stakes (Gr.1)
  • Sir Cecil wins The Kingfisher Ultra Derby Bangalore (Gr.1)
  • Desert God wins The Tetrasoft Inc. Bangalore St. Leger (Gr.2)
Monsoon Season 2018
* Please note when two horses work together the first named horse has worked on the outside of its companion
400 Metres
Marcus Andronicus / Incanto Bliss (Rajinder S) 30   Handy.Even
Boss (Rb) 32   Very easy.+2
Gimme Credit (Rupal S) 30.5   Very easy.+0.5
Chitrakala (rb) 30  Handy.Even
Rewalding (Rb) 31.   Freely.+1
600 Metres
Accidental (R. Shelar), Naumee (Rb), Flying Cloud (R.S. Bhati) 43 400/27.4.   Note the fomer and were separated b7 1l and 2l.-2
Coup De Grace (Rb) 45 400/30.   Freely.Even
Beach Game (P. Vikram) 46 400/30.4.   Handy.+1
Admiral Vice (Md. Shabbani) 44 400/28.3.   Worked well.-1
Mellow Fellow (Rupal S) 47 400/30.8.   Handy.+2
Darsh (Hasib Alam), Venezia (Azharuddin), Arjun (rb) 49.5 400/30.8.   First named a distance in front.+4.5
Dark Angel (rb) 48 400/31.6.   Easy.+3
Hovering (R S Bhati), Shimmering Star (Srikanth Kamble) 47 400/31.3.   Former better.+2
Outrider (Nikhil Naidu) 46.5 400/30.5.   Easy.+1.5
Caiden (Rajinder S) 46.5 400/30.   Handy.+1.5
800 Metres
Lakshay (Rb), Marigold (Rb) 59 600/44 400/28.3.   Former 3l ahead.-1
Fire Opal (R. Shelar), Mocha Loca (Rb) 57 600/42.5 400/26.3.   Pair impressed and former better.-3
Exception (P. Vikram) 59 600/45 400/29/   Worked well.-1
Solaris (R. Shelar), Gabon (Rb) 58 600/43 400/28.   Pair spurted well.-2
General Duff (Sujit Kr Paswan), Kantai (C. Alford) 58 600/42.6 400/26.8.   Note this pair.-2
400 Metres
Tangalooma (Rb) 28.   Easy.-2