• Ruffina wins The Sprinters Cup (Gr.1)
  • Azzurro wins The Dr M A M Ramaswamy Stayers Cup (Gr.1)
  • Whomakestherules wins The Maj P K Mehra Memorial Super Mile Cup (Gr.1)
  • Kangra wins The Indian Turf Invitation Cup (Gr.1) in record timing
Winter Season 2017-18
* Please note when two horses work together the first named horse has worked on the outside of its companion
400 Metres
Ivy (Vinay J) 30.4  Handy.+0.39
Tahmina (Mohit S) 33.7  Easy.+3.7
Flamsteed (T. Atul) 28.8  Worked well.-1.2
600 Metres
Flight Of Phoeinix (Rb) 46.2 400/30.5  Freely.+1.2
Bulldozer (Md. Islam) 49.8 400/33.8  Very easy.+4.8
Amazing Wonder (Zarar Alam) & Spear OF Trium (rb) 48.2 400/32.5   Pair level and easy.+3.2
Occitan (P. Vikram) 49.4 400/33.2  Not urged.+4.4
Implicit Trust (Hindu S) 48 400/32.5   Easy.+3
Auxilium (Zarar Alam) 45.7 400/29  Worked well.+0.70
2yo Vrishank (Md. Azharuddin) & 2yo Alyssa (Hasib Alam) 46.8 400/30.3  Former better.+1.8
Carralisa (Rb) 46.5 400/29.2  Retains form.+1.5
Glorious Leaps (Ajoy) & Amaranthus (R S Bhati) 49 400/32.3.   Former better.+4
800 Metres
Celerino Md. (Azharuddin) & Ashi Nangshey (J. Gurung) 59.4 600/45.4 400/29   Pair level and spurted well.-0.60
Queen's Kitten (P. Tejeshwar) 1-03 600/47.4 400/31.4   Easy.+3
1400 Metres
Captain Cook (Md. Islam) 1-48.2 1200/1m 1.32.6 1000/1.15 800/59.3 600/44.7 400/28.4   Reatins winning form+3.2
400 Metres
Dakota Dreamer (Rb) 28.5  Easy.-1.5
Imara (Rb) 27.3  Freely.-2.7
600 Metres
Namcha (rb) 44 400/27.8  Freely.-1
Aragon (rb) 39 400/23.8   Excellent display.-6
1000 Metres
Pick Pocket (Afzal Khan) & Milford Sound (P. Tejeshwar) 1-13.8   Pair jumped out well.-1.2
Happy Returns (Rupal S) & 2yo Ekakin (Hindu S) 1-17.8  Pair jumped out well.+2.8
Chanccy (S. Lalit) & Coley (Mohit S) 1-15   Pair jumped out well.Even
Jupiter (Nikhil Naidu) & 2yo Strone's (V. Jaiswal) 1-13.7   Pair jumped out well and note the former.-1.3
2yo Christiana (Hasiab Alam) & 2yo Mahali (Md. Azharuddin) 1-16.8   Pair jumped out well.+1.8
Salvatore Mundi (Ranidan S) & Respect (Afzal Khan) 1-16.8   Pair jumped out well and former better.+1.8
Gentle Knowledge (Sujit Kr Paswan), 2yo Aiyana (P. Tejeshwar) & 2yo Pinson / Shades Of Beauty (Hindu S) 1-17.7   Trio jumped out well and were separated by a neck & distance.+2.7