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    Lady In Lace wins The Deccan Fillies Championship Stakes (GR.3)
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    Prevalent Force wins The Deccan Colts Championship Stakes (Gr.3)
  • Mathaiyus wins The President Of India Gold Cup (Gr.1)
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    Mathaiyus wins the The Indian St. Leger (Gr.1)
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    Sana Wins The Calcutta Monsoon Derby (Gr.2)
  • Lady In Lace wins The Kingfisher Ultra Pune Derby (Gr.1)
  • Castlebridge wins The Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Golf Club Mysore 2000 Guineas (Gr.3)
Winter Season 2016-17
* Please note when two horses work together the first named horse has worked on the outside of its companion
Inner sand
600 Metres
Brynhill (Santosh) 40   Easy.-5
Akki's Pet (S.Jadhav) 41   Easy.-4
800 Metres
Renee (Kishore) 52 600/39.   Moved well.-8
Caesars Star (S.Amit), Vulcan (Joy) 54 600/39.   Pair level.-6
1000 Metres
Vistana (Santosh), Highland Woods (Shelar) 1-8 600/40.   Pair moved level freely.-7
Zabisco (Joseph) 1-6 600/38.   Moved well.-9
Jack Frost (Jethu) 1-7 600/40.   Moved freely.-8
Irish Bailey (S.Jadhav) 1-5 600/39.   Moved well.-10
Impossible Dream (Pradeep), Commandperformance (S.Jadhav) 1-6 600/40.   Latter finished 3L ahead.-9
Olly Boy (S.Amit), His Master's Vice (Joy) 1-8 600/40.   Latter finished a distance ahead.-7
1200 Metres
Furious N Fast (rb) 1-23 600/42.   Moved freely.-7
Supreme General (Rathore) 1-24 600/41.   Easy.-6
1400 Metres
Franz Ferdinand (Kishore), The Champ (Parmar) 1-34 600/39.   Former finished 5L ahead.-11
Outer sand track.
800 Metres
Gentillesse (S.J.Sunil) 55 600/41.   Easy.-5
Adonijah (Parmar), Shalom (Joy) 56 600/41.   Pair level.-4
1000 Metres
Massimo (Joy), Daffodil (Parmar) 1-8 600/39.   They ended level.-7
Signor (Kishore), Lincoln (Kharadi) 1-6 600/39.   Both moved well.-9
Lord Of The Sea (Parmar), Roosevelt (Kharadi) 1-7 600/39.   Both moved level freely.-8
1200 Metres
Adam (Parmar), Denny Crane (Joy) 1-20 600/40.   Both impressed.-10
Jubilant (Kishore), Xenon (Kharadi) 1-19 600/38.   Latter finished 5L ahead.-11
Zinfandelle (Parmar) 1-22 600/41.   Moved freely.-8
Myrtlewood (Kharadi) 1-17 600/37.   Excelled.-13
1400 Metres
Khayyam (Joy) 1-33 600/39.   Impressed.-12
Captain Courage (Parmar) 1-36 600/44.  Moved Well.-9
Normandy (Parmar), Mathaiyus (Kharadi) 1-37 600/40.   Pair moved level freely.-8
1600 Metres
Serjeant At Arms (Kishore) 1-52 600/41.   Pleased.-8
Nelsons Blood (Joy), Glyndebourne (Kishore) 1-51 600/40.   They moved neck and neck freely.-9