• Punjabi Girl wins The Fillies Championship Stakes (Gr.1)
  • Sir Cecil wins The Colts Championship Stakes (Gr.1)
  • Sir Cecil wins The Kingfisher Ultra Derby Bangalore (Gr.1)
  • Desert God wins The Tetrasoft Inc. Bangalore St. Leger (Gr.2)
Main Season 2018
* Please note when two horses work together the first named horse has worked on the outside of its companion
Outer Sand
600 Metres
All In (Rb)45  Moved easily.Even
Master of Universe (Rb) 45.5  Moved nicely.+0.5
2y Air Support/ Loch Ka Trine (Rb), Green Meadow (Rb)46   Pair moved easily.+1
Steinlight (Rb) 46   Moved freely.+1
Breaking News (Rb) 47   Easy.+2
Wood Cutter (Rb) 39.5  Moved well.-5.5
800 Metres
Go Man Go (M Rajesh Kumar) 1-0.5 600/43  Worked well.+0.5
Golden Cruise (GautamRajUrs)58 600/39.5  Pleased.-2
Veni Vidi Vici (Rb)58 600/40.5  Moved fluently.-2
Yellow Stone (G Sai Vamshi)58.5 600/41.5  Moved nicely.-1.5
Bonito (Rb), Campeon (rb)55.5 600/40.5  Former 3Ls ahead.-4.5
Nicholas (G Sai Vamshi) 54 600/39  Slightly urged.-6
Magnum Opus (G Sai Vamshi)1-02 600/43.5  Hard held.+2
Itallion Stallion (L Prashanth) 59 600/43  Moved Freely.-1
Warlock (G Sai Vamshi)51.5 600/37  Moved under the whip.-8.5
Top Trainer (G Sai Vamshi)55 600/40  Urged.-5
Big Time Bay (Rb), Vroom Vroom (Rb)53.5 600/39.5  Former 5Ls ahead.-6.5
Time Always (Rb)56 600/39  Urged.-4
2y-New Famous/Chintz (Rb), Honey Queen (Rb)56 600/41  Former 1Ls ahead.-4
2y-kingda Ka/Circle Of Bliss(Rb), 2y-Royal gladiator/Royal Gesture(Rb)1-0.5 600/44  Former moved easily.+0.5
1000 Metres
Lucky pineapple (Rb)1-14.5 800/59 600/43.5  Moved nicely.-0.5
Arak (Rb), Greek Goddess (GautamRajUrs) 1-12 800/53.5 600/37.5  Pair level & slightly pushed.-3
Smart Signs (Afsar khan)1-15 800/1-0.5 600/47   Last part eased up.Even
Perfecto(Santhosh Kumar), Rustic Sunrise(L Prashanth)1-09.5 800/52 600/37.5  Former trounce later.-5.5
Al Dorado (Rb), Lightning Touch (Rb)1-09 800/54.5 600/40   Former easily 1Ls ahead.-6
Dare The Don(Santhosh Kumar), Senegal (L Prashanth)1-11 800/53.5 600/39.5  Former easily 5Ls ahead later urged.-4
Counter Point (Rb)1-09.5 800/53 600/39  Moved fluently.-5.5
1200 Metres
Amazing Safari (Rb)1-25 1000/1-09 800/54 600/39   Moved fluently.-5
Coorg Regimant (Rb), Lord Iisley (Rb)1-26 1000/1-07.5 800/51 600/37  Former impressed & 5Ls ahead.-4
Brown Beauty1-33 1200 to 600 in 47  Last part eased up.+3
1400 Metres
Cavallo Veloce (J Paswan)1-42 1200/1-22.5 1000/1-05.5 800/51 600/37   A fine display.-3
Gate Practice
1200 Metres
Spike (Sameer), Amazing Beauty (Shiva Kumar), Ela Harika (Rb), Amazing Rainbow (Rb) 1-17.77 1200 to 600 39.27s [600/38.50s]   They all jumped out well 2Ls,5Ls,2Ls, seperated them. -12.2
London (Ramandeep), Constatine (Feroz.M), Classic Jewel (Nirmal Jodha)1-16.27 1200 to 600 36.62s [600/39.75s]   They all jumped out well former moved impressively 1/2Ls,5Ls, seperated them. -13.7
Batman (Rb), Private Paradise (Rb), Sadeek (Shivanath Paswan), Imitation Game (J Paswan)1-12.98 1200 to 600 36.02s [600/36.96s]   They all jumped out well 2Ls,3Ls,1Ls, seperated them. -17.0
Liba (Afsar Khan), Good Opinion (G Rohit), Andermatt (GautamRajUrs), Spiridon (Shami Khan)1-17.14 1200 to 600 37.37s [600/39.77s]   They all jumped out well,former distance ahead rest eased up last part. -12.8
Safe Bet (R Anand), Brave Admiral (M Rajesh kumar), Ultimate Glory (Md Mushraf)1-17.31 1200 to 600 39.01s [600/38.30s]   Trio jumped out well 2Ls,1Ls seperated them. -12.6
Class Above (Nirmal Jodha), Secret Touch (Rb), Cactus Cash (Rb)1-15.67 1200 to 600 36.91s [600/38.76s]   They all jumped out well,former distance ahead. -14.3
Eyez Hypnotize (Rb), Leap Of Faith (S Imran), Little Brown Jug (R Anand), Durer (M Rajesh Kumar), Dolphin (Md Imran Ashraf), Forest Queen (Rb)1-16.52 1200 to 600 38.86s [600/37.65s]   They all jumped out well,first two named good 3Ls,2Ls,1Ls,1Ls,5Ls seperated them. -13.4