• Ruffina wins The Sprinters Cup (Gr.1)
  • Azzurro wins The Dr M A M Ramaswamy Stayers Cup (Gr.1)
  • Whomakestherules wins The Maj P K Mehra Memorial Super Mile Cup (Gr.1)
  • Kangra wins The Indian Turf Invitation Cup (Gr.1) in record timing
Season 2017
* Please note when two horses work together the first named horse has worked on the outside of its companion
Inner Sand Track
600 Metres
Governer General (Rb)36  Pushed.-9
Safdar (Chouhan)40   Moved on the bit.-5
Stardom Calling(Jethu)42   Easy.-3
What A Nice Girl (Vishal.B)40   Handy.-5
800 Metres
Maduro (Parmar)51600 38   Caught the eye.-9
Wilshire (Ajinkya) & Elysee(Neeraj)536000 39   Pair moved fluently-7
Arc Shine (Chouhan) & Angel Coin(Rb)54600 39   Former finished 2 lengths ahead.-6
Queen Ria (Kamlesh)56600 42   Moved freely.-4
Alsace (Shelar)55600 41   Handy.-5
Drogo (J.Chinoy) & Kimberella(Periera)54600 40   Former better.-6
Happy Birthday (Kamlesh)54600 41   Moved on tight reins.-6
My Precious (P.S.Chouhan)51600 38   Moved fluently.-9
Polyneices (Chouhan)53600 39   Speedy display.-7
Timeless (A.Imran.Khan) & Bottega Louie(Vikram)50600 37   Former easily finished 6 lengths ahead. former to note.-10
Bedroom Eyes (Jethu) & Divine Angel (Amyn)56600 41   Pair moved freely.-4
Exodus (Amyn) & Palatial (Jethu)53600 40   Pair moved nicely.-7
Forest Fairy (Santosh.G)53600 39   Hard held.-7
Zanzibaar (A.Imran.Khan)51600 38  Moved fluently.-9
Forest Flair(Tograllu)56600 42   Moved freely.-4
Jeena (S.J.Sunil)51600 39  Urged.-9
Moccasin (Vikram) & Fernebache (Ajinkya)52600 38   Pair moved fluently.-8
Moneywise (Rb)53600 41   Moved nicely.-7
1000 Metres
Dark Gold (Ajinkya) & Samarjeet (Vikram)1-07600 39   Pair handy & finished level.-8
Snow Crystal (Tograllu)1-07600 39   Moved on the bit.-8
1200 Metres
Goshawk (Rb) & Mekong Delta( Rb)1-21600 38   Pair pushed & finished level.-9
Care Free (Vishal.B)1-24600 41   Moved nicely.-6
Glorious Opinion (T.S.Jodha)1-24600 41   Moved on the bit.-6
Flashing Honour (Oza)1-21600 38   Fully extended.-9
Lord Of The Sea (Parmar) & Fortitude( Kharadi)1-25600 41   Latter started 3 lengths behind & finished level. both easy.-5
Admo( Rb) & Artus (Chouhan)1-22600 38   Latter started 2 lengths behind & finished level.-8
Temerity (Kharadi) & Mrs Patmore (Parmar)1-18600 38   Latter started & finished 3 lengths ahead.-12
Carnival (J.Chinoy) & Smasher (Kishore)1-2260 39   Pair urged former finished 2 lengths ahead.-8
Roosevelt (Parmar) & Yanna Rascalla (Kharadi)1-22600 39   Former easily finished 2 lengths ahead. former to note.-8
1400 Metres
Selfie Star (Sandeep)1-33 600 39   Retains form.-12
Germanicus (Kharadi) & Nelsons Blood (Parmar)1-35600 38   former started 2 lengths behind & easily finished level note this pair.-10
Gate Practice on Inner Sand Track
1000 Metres
Epiphany (Nayak) & Dictator (Santosh.G)1-07600 40   Both level jump pair moved nicely & finished level.-8
Finest Moment (Tograllu) & Grand Passage (Oza)1-07600 41   Both level jump & moved nicely.-8
Make It Shine (Rb)1-09600 41   Good jump moved on tight reins.-6
Durham Lad (Nirmal)1-10600 43   Good jump.-5
Karamel (J.Chinoy), Huzzah's Phoenix(Periera) & Sponteanous Eddie (Raghuveer)1-12800 56600 42   Trio level jump & finished in close order.-3
Aurora Australis (Kharadi) & Sheer Belief(Nazil)1-04600 38   Good jump former easily finished distance ahead former to note.-11