Sl.NoDatePosted ByHeading
1 December 30,2007 North-End Successor, Spinoza Dazzle on Arjav Diamond Day
2 December 29,2007 Pearcey Imperial View Outclasses Opposition
3 December 29,2007 Parjanya Storming Success Makes a Winning Debut
4 December 28,2007 Pearcey Impressive Victory for Upper Crust
5 December 27,2007 Pearcey Thursday Night Romps Home in Style
6 December 27,2007 Pearcey Jockey Christopher Rides Brilliantly
7 December 27,2007 Epsom Ace Cyberage Gamblers Slash the Odds
8 December 26,2007 North-End Favourites, Fashion Enthral Race-goers in Mumbai
9 December 25,2007 Parjanya Aleem Khan-Rajinder Combo Dazzles
10 December 25,2007 Pearcey Soberano Lifts Ashoka Chakra Cup
11 December 24,2007 Tom Krish Dr MAM Makes History Winning His 500th Classic
12 December 23,2007 Pearcey My Turn Wins Day's Feature
13 December 23,2007 North-End Shroff, Rajendra Sparkle on Gitanjali Day!
14 December 22,2007 North-End Four-day Extravaganza Unfolds at Mahalaxmi
15 December 21,2007 North-End New Members in RWITC Managing Committee
16 December 21,2007 Pearcey BTC Set To Welcome Fin Powrie
17 December 21,2007 Epsom Ace Fancied runners ruled the roost
18 December 20,2007 Racing Correspondent New Twist on the Appointment of Chief Stipe
19 December 19,2007 North-End RWITC Braces for Annual Elections
20 December 17,2007 North-End Bourbon King Pockets Johnnie Walker Indian 2000 Guineas
21 December 15,2007 Pearcey Mark Of Gibraltar Stamps His Authority
22 December 15,2007 Epsom Ace Regal Connection Bags The Calcutta Gold Cup
23 December 14,2007 North-End Enceladus Sprints to Impressive Victory
24 December 9,2007 North-End Sweeping Success of Colm O’Donoghue
25 December 9,2007 Epsom Ace O'Donoghue Pays a Memorable Visit
26 December 8,2007 Pearcey Southern Charge Asserts His Class
27 December 7,2007 Pearcey Our Little Savage Shines on a Dull Day
28 December 5,2007 Pearcey Eclair Blanche Triumphs
29 December 5,2007 North-End Aishwarya to Sizzle Mahalaxmi
30 December 4,2007 Pearcey BTC Shows Scant Respect for Mysore Decisions
31 December 3,2007 North-End Jockey B. Prakash Suspended
32 December 2,2007 North-End Lovely Feelings Personified
33 December 1,2007 Pearcey Lady One Reigns Supreme
34 December 1,2007 Epsom Ace Armaan Khan Steals the Day's Honours
35 November 30,2007 North-End Christmas Comes Early at Mahalaxmi
36 November 29,2007 North-End Schnell Cleans up Opposition
37 November 28,2007 Parjanya Coco Chanel Shows Her Might
38 November 28,2007 Pearcey Gnaneshwar Excels in the Saddle
39 November 24,2007 North-End Are You Ready for the Super Sunday?
40 November 23,2007 North-End Irish Jockey Daniel Grant Makes an Impressive Debut
41 November 23,2007 Pearcey Pastiche Runs away with The Kempegowda Cup
42 November 22,2007 Pearcey Custer Lifts Elusive Pimpernel Trophy
43 November 22,2007 Pearcey Custer Lifts Elusive Pimpernel Trophy
44 November 22,2007 Parjanya Brahmaputra Posts New Speed Record
45 November 22,2007 Epsom Ace RCTC Makes a Fortune in Sales
46 November 19,2007 Pearcey BTC Stewards Confirm Byramji, Alford Suspensions
47 November 19,2007 North-End Shroff, Katrak Score a Double
48 November 18,2007 Pearcey Southern Charge Finds His Winning Ways
49 November 18,2007 Parjanya Spot Hit Reaches the Victory Stand
50 November 16,2007 Epsom Ace Hat-trick of Hat-tricks for Christopher Alford
51 November 15,2007 Parjanya Stunning Rose Posts a Superb Victory
52 November 15,2007 Pearcey Dare Don Romps Home with Ease
53 November 15,2007 North-End RWITC Rides on a High Horse
54 November 12,2007 Epsom Ace Steal The Glory Throws down the Gauntlet
55 November 11,2007 Pearcey Upper Crust Obliges The Punters
56 November 7,2007 Pearcey Bangalore Winter Season Takes off on Friday
57 November 7,2007 Pearcey Horse-owners at BTC Delighted with Stake Money
58 November 7,2007 Pearcey BTC Trainers Eagerly Await Winter Races
59 November 6,2007 Epsom Ace Treble for Christopher Alford
60 November 4,2007 Parjanya Misteriosa Shows Victory of Form
61 November 1,2007 Parjanya The Day of the Jockeys
62 November 1,2007 Epsom Ace Kolkata Gears up for Winter Thrills
63 October 26,2007 Parjanya Sense of Style Shows Class
64 October 25,2007 Parjanya Dedication too Good for the Competition
65 October 17,2007 Parjanya Mumbai Horses Shine in Delhi Races
66 September 14,2007 Vivek Jain Mystical to star on Poonawalla Million day
67 September 12,2007 Parjanya Apprentice Jockeys Run the Race
68 August 29,2007 Correspondent Ganga Melrose Million on Sunday
69 August 21,2007 Kanthraj Urs Steep hike in stake money
70 August 19,2007 Correspondent Lombardia wins by a whisker
71 August 9,2007 Correspondent Diageo to sponsor gala weekend at Pune
72 August 7,2007 Correspondent Dr. Jain spurns Chairman Emeritus proposal
73 August 3,2007 Correspondent Friday’s races postponed to Wednesday
74 August 1,2007 Correspondent Chateau Indage Mega Wine Fest at the Races
75 July 29,2007 Correspondent Vijay Mallya elected KROA President
76 July 27,2007 Correspondent KROA elections on Friday
77 July 26,2007 Correspondent Heavy rains mar opening day at Pune
78 July 24,2007 Vivek Jain Big bonanza in store during the Pune season
79 July 22,2007 Our Correspondent Anand Gawade dies in track accident
80 July 22,2007 Our Correspondent Sunday’s races postponed to Monday
81 July 10,2007 Alibaba RCTC monsoon season from July 18
82 June 30,2007 Vivek Jain Invitation Cup weekend needs a make over
83 June 11,2007 S.N.Harish Race commentary is not an easy job
84 June 8,2007 Our Correspondent Spate of suspensions at Mysore
85 May 16,2007 - Lester Piggot in ICU
86 May 3,2007 - Ten Sports to show English Classics
87 May 2,2007 True Blue Star Conquest brooks no opposition
88 April 30,2007 True Blue Royal Panache finds his way to the winner’s enclosure
89 April 30,2007 True Blue Desert Conqueror on top again
90 April 27,2007 - Bangalore Summer Season to start early
91 April 26,2007 Vivek Jain Season of several highs
92 April 23,2007 Correspondent Aussie jockey to ride for URBB
93 April 23,2007 True Blue Beyond Belief brings Imtiaz Sait some succour
94 April 23,2007 True Blue Elmwood staves off Native Strategy for an encore
95 April 17,2007 True Blue Magic Touch overpowers Flareon
96 April 16,2007 True Blue Elusive Study makes a winning reappearance
97 April 13,2007 - History of the Amateur Riders' Club
98 April 10,2007 True Blue Avec Plaisir gives no anxious moments
99 April 9,2007 Sanjay Reddy BTC should arrest the drift
100 April 7,2007 True Blue Democraticus resumes his winning ways
101 April 2,2007 True Blue Schnell proves no match for Star of China
102 March 31,2007 True Blue Nina Lalvani grabs the headlines with a treble
103 March 28,2007 Cyrus J. Madan Betting on Kolkata racing - Value for your money
104 March 27,2007 Mukundan S Chettiyappa RCTC and its glorious past
105 March 25,2007 True Blue Southern Empire brings B.Prakash his 100th classic
106 March 24,2007 True Blue Rivaaz makes most of her handicap advantage
107 March 22,2007 Vivek Jain Panchshil to sponsor Indian St Leger
108 March 21,2007 True Blue Punters back on their feet after Sunday’s battering
109 March 18,2007 True Blue Luck of the race deserts Retribution
110 March 12,2007 Tom Krish Invitation Cup weekend produces worthy winners
111 March 12,2007 Alibaba Southen Empire avenges Indian Derby defeat
112 March 10,2007 Alibaba Haunting Memories, Aperitivo justify odds
113 March 9,2007 Aalibaba Invitation weekend back in Kolkata at last!
114 March 9,2007 Tom Krish RCTC all set for Invitation weekend
115 March 5,2007 Tom Krish The high point of the Indian racing calendar
116 March 4,2007 True Blue Holding Court makes cannon-fodder of his rivals
117 March 3,2007 True Blue Giacosa finally proves her mettle
118 March 1,2007 Vivek Jain Wadia Group hosts C. N. Wadia Gold Cup
119 February 26,2007 True Blue Bourbon King asserts his superiority in PBMM
120 February 23,2007 True Blue Royal Princess marches on
121 February 19,2007 True Blue Holding Court disciplines wayward Spinoza
122 February 16,2007 True Blue Dynasty continues to rule
123 February 16,2007 Racing Correspondents MYSTICAL CREATES HISTORY
124 February 13,2007 True Blue Our Excellence makes a smashing debut
125 February 10,2007 True Blue Beyond Belief slams them all
126 February 4,2007 True Blue The story of losing and winning the Indian Derby
127 February 3,2007 True Blue Hotstepper makes Saeed Shah proud
128 January 25,2007 True Blue Enceladus carves another impressive win
129 January 21,2007 True Blue Guest Connections meets her nemesis in Blue Ribbon
130 January 18,2007 True Blue Silver Tern finally earns a bracket
131 January 14,2007 True Blue Atmosphere takes Stewards down memory lane
132 January 12,2007 True Blue Balthazaar keeps Patroclus at bay
133 January 9,2007 True Blue Southern Empire’s juggernaut rolls on
134 January 4,2007 True Blue Sovereign Power thwarts Premier Star