• Punjabi Girl wins The Fillies Championship Stakes (Gr.1)
  • Sir Cecil wins The Colts Championship Stakes (Gr.1)
  • Sir Cecil wins The Kingfisher Ultra Derby Bangalore (Gr.1)
  • Desert God wins The Tetrasoft Inc. Bangalore St. Leger (Gr.2)
Sl.NoDatePosted ByHeading
1 December 31,2008 Epsom Ace Thunder Of Hooves return to RCTC
2 December 29,2008 Epsom Ace Nicola Brings The Curtain Down
3 December 27,2008 Pearcey Fantastic Quest Nails Alekona On The Post
4 December 26,2008 Pearcey Dinesa Stuns His Nine Opponents
5 December 23,2008 North-End Government Bans Movement of Horses Till Mid-Feb
6 December 22,2008 Epsom Ace Calcutta Derby on March 1
7 December 19,2008 Parjanya Polo Looks Up, As EI Yet To Fade
8 December 19,2008 North-End Two new faces on RWITC committee
9 December 16,2008 Epsom Ace Dusty Was A 'Champion' Dam
10 December 13,2008 Pearcey Fleeting Arrow Romps Home In Splendid Fashion
11 December 13,2008 Pearcey BTC To Commence Vaccinating Horses From Sunday
12 December 9,2008 Epsom Ace Celandine Produced A Special Set of Siblings
13 December 6,2008 Pearcey Diamond Hunter Continues To Dazzle
14 December 5,2008 Pearcey Southern Charge Wins In Effortless Fashion
15 December 4,2008 Epsom Ace The Powerful Charenzaccio Line
16 December 2,2008 Epsom Ace Horses Looking Good at Kolkata
17 December 2,2008 Parjanya Horses back on Track in Delhi
18 November 30,2008 Parjanya Only Five Horses Get Permission
19 November 30,2008 Pearcey Icebreaker Shows Tremendous Improvement
20 November 29,2008 Epsom Ace Bharath Singh To Return
21 November 28,2008 Epsom Ace Unraced Dam with 'Astonish-ing' Progeny
22 November 27,2008 Epsom Ace RCTC Remain Upbeat
23 November 26,2008 Epsom Ace Purita Produced The Best
24 November 26,2008 North-End Great Action Sans Horses at Mahalaxmi
25 November 25,2008 Parjanya In Delhi, Horses Start Taking Beginners Lesson
26 November 24,2008 Pearcey Equine Flu Arrives In Karnataka
27 November 23,2008 Parjanya Equine Influenza or PUO makes it way out
28 November 22,2008 Pearcey Sugar Ray Justifies Favouritism
29 November 21,2008 Pearcey Fleeting Arrow Is Back In Action
30 November 21,2008 Epsom Ace Hennessy produced a surprise package
31 November 19,2008 Epsom Ace Fire Haven was a beauty
32 November 19,2008 Pearcey Our Little Savage Has It Easy
33 November 17,2008 Epsom Ace RCTC lends a Helping Hand to Owners
34 November 15,2008 Epsom Ace Some Mares and Dams Who Were the Joy of Punters
35 November 12,2008 Epsom Ace Things are looking up at RCTC
36 November 12,2008 Pearcey Dare Don Asserts His Superiority
37 November 10,2008 Vivek Jain Uncertainty a Dampener after the Highs of Pune
38 November 8,2008 Pearcey Originality is a Top Class Sprinter
39 November 8,2008 Parjanya It’s official: Races of Due to Equine Influenza
40 November 7,2008 Pearcey Bourbon King Is Back In Business
41 November 6,2008 Epsom Ace Stewards Optimistic for Mid December Start
42 November 5,2008 Pearcey Bangalore Winter Season to Start on Friday
43 November 4,2008 Parjanya Horses Recuperate from Dreaded Equine Influenza
44 November 4,2008 Epsom Ace Winter meet may commence in mid-December
45 November 3,2008 Epsom Ace Movement at Hastings Suspended
46 November 2,2008 Epsom Ace Horses under 'EI' cloud
47 November 2,2008 Parjanya Influenza Gradually Loosens Its Grip
48 November 2,2008 North-End It's Official: Virus Halts Mumbai Racing
49 November 2,2008 North-End It's Official: Virus Halts Mumbai Racing
50 November 2,2008 North-End Malesh Hits It Off In Qatar
51 November 2,2008 Pearcey A Pall of Gloom Descends Over The Indian Racing Scene
52 October 29,2008 North-End Exciting Night Enthrals Racing Industry
53 October 29,2008 Parjanya Horses Make Distance From Practice
54 October 27,2008 Pearcey Read My Mind Wins Effortlessly
55 October 25,2008 North-End Hugo Wins Oxford Properties RWITC Gold Cup (Gr 2)
56 October 25,2008 Parjanya Viral Fever Now Hits Delhi after Pune
57 October 24,2008 Parjanya Brahmaputra Scripts A New History Over Sprints
58 October 24,2008 Epsom Ace Ascriptive Capped a Season of Amazing Winners
59 October 24,2008 North-End Late Withdrawals Mar Pune Races
60 October 24,2008 North-End The O Awards for Racing Excellence
61 October 22,2008 Parjanya Rock Star Makes the Field Dance to Her Tune
62 October 19,2008 North-End Brilliant Set Alight Promises More Brilliance
63 October 18,2008 North-End Red Romeo Keeps Date with Victory
64 October 18,2008 Epsom Ace Echoes of Light sends shockwaves
65 October 17,2008 Pearcey Splendid Surprise Wins Governor's Gold Cup
66 October 16,2008 Pearcey Prakash's Relentless Efforts Prove Fruitful
67 October 15,2008 Epsom Ace Alford Overshadowed by Apprentice Mahesh
68 October 14,2008 Parjanya Cute N Cool Pours Cold Water on Captain Planet
69 October 12,2008 North-End Rehan's Pepe Junior Wins Sprints Championship
70 October 12,2008 North-End Phenomenale Gallops To Glory
71 October 11,2008 North-End Born To Lead Stumps Opposition
72 October 11,2008 North-End Injured Autonomy Out of Nanoli Stud Pune Derby
73 October 11,2008 North-End Mystery Virus Strikes Race Horses in Pune
74 October 10,2008 Prakash Gosavi Nanoli Derby: A One-Horse Race
75 October 10,2008 Pearcey Suraj Wins A Battle Of Wits
76 October 10,2008 Epsom Ace RCTC Decided to Cancel Saturday Races
77 October 8,2008 Pearcey Diamond Hunter Makes It Four Out Of Five
78 October 7,2008 Parjanya Spade of Ace Continues in Rampaging Form
79 October 6,2008 Parjanya Invisible Force Stamps A Spectacular Victory
80 October 5,2008 North-End Jaydev Mody's Yana Stamps her Authority
81 October 4,2008 North-End La Joie De Vie Shocks Field - Wins October Handicap
82 October 3,2008 Pearcey Fantastic Quest Settles The Score With Archipenko
83 October 1,2008 Parjanya Sun Dancer Scores Twice in 24 hours
84 October 1,2008 Epsom Ace Sieze The Night Halts Slide of Favs
85 September 30,2008 Pearcey New Committee Elected At The Bangalore Turf Club
86 September 28,2008 North-End Exuberance Shocks Field to Win Panchshil Million
87 September 27,2008 North-End Personified Wins Idar Gold Cup Sets New Record
88 September 26,2008 North-End Racing Journalist Shuklaji Breathes His Last
89 September 26,2008 Pearcey Own Voice Completes A Formality
90 September 25,2008 Pearcey Diamond Hunter Confirms His Superiority
91 September 24,2008 Epsom Ace Fighting Star Toys With The Opposition
92 September 21,2008 North-End Rejuvenite, Oasis Star Compare Nostrils for Chantilli Challenge
93 September 20,2008 Epsom Ace Prakash's 'Bountiful Talent' ensures David double
94 September 19,2008 Pearcey Splendid Surprise Annexes The Maharaja's Gold Cup
95 September 18,2008 Pearcey Chief's Dream Scores an Encore
96 September 17,2008 Epsom Ace Jodha Waves a Magic Wand as Midnight Coup Pegs Back Coco Chanel
97 September 15,2008 Parjanya Ashwa Pratap Proves Too Good in Class 1
98 September 14,2008 North-End SA Poonawalla Million–Flaming Ace Stuns Autonomy
99 September 13,2008 North-End Cavaradosi Gets the Race in the Stewards Room
100 September 13,2008 North-End Weekend of Splendor, Finesse and Fierce Competition
101 September 13,2008 Epsom Ace Superb'Safari' mauls the opposition
102 September 12,2008 Pearcey Star Wave Wins In a Blanket Finish
103 September 11,2008 Pearcey Stylish Bay Sports a Pair of Wings
104 September 9,2008 Parjanya Ashwa Pratap Shows Clean Pair of Heels
105 September 7,2008 North-End Malesh Celebrates B'day eve with Record Smashing Win
106 September 6,2008 North-End Aquadisiac's Powerful Finish Stumps Nitrous
107 September 5,2008 Pearcey Noble Guest Is In Irresistible Form
108 September 4,2008 Pearcey Secret Song Wins with a Measure of Comfort
109 September 3,2008 Epsom Ace Steal the Glory puts his best foot forward
110 September 2,2008 Parjanya Nightmare Takes Sideways as Spade Of Ace, Raffaello win
111 August 31,2008 North-End Vijay Shirke Comes to the 'Four'
112 August 30,2008 North-End Dancing Dynamite Maintains 'Unbeaten' Record
113 August 29,2008 Pearcey Woman On Top Beats Lionheart by a Whisker
114 August 28,2008 Pearcey Chief's Dream Wins A Thriller
115 August 27,2008 Epsom Ace Apprentices Continue to Rule the Roost
116 August 26,2008 Parjanya El Dorado Begins on a Winning Note
117 August 24,2008 North-End Yana Breaks Course Record
118 August 23,2008 North-End Aquadisiac Romps Home in Style
119 August 22,2008 Pearcey Icebreaker Stuns Her Two Opponents
120 August 21,2008 Pearcey Ponte Romano Springs a Surprise
121 August 21,2008 Epsom Ace Shock Win for Storming Success
122 August 19,2008 Parjanya Ashwa Paddma Tastes Victory
123 August 17,2008 North-End Malesh Pilots Aurora Aurealis to FD Wadia (Gr 2)Victory
124 August 16,2008 North-End No Rain, but 'Naren' Sends Punters Running for Cover
125 August 16,2008 Epsom Ace Vijay Singh Had The Last Laugh
126 August 15,2008 North-End True Elegance Wins PRA Independence Trophy
127 August 15,2008 Pearcey Kingdom Of Heaven Wins RCTC Cup
128 August 14,2008 Epsom Ace Amandeep, Alford shared the riding honours
129 August 12,2008 Indiarace Bureau Sivappa Elected KROA President
130 August 10,2008 North-End Rains Stop Trains But Not Horses
131 August 9,2008 North-End Dancing Dynamite Destroys Opposition
132 August 8,2008 Pearcey Alekona Wins In Style
133 August 7,2008 Pearcey Lionheart Lives Up to His Name
134 August 6,2008 Epsom Ace Apprentice Sameer Steals the Show as Appu’s Mounts Flop
135 August 5,2008 Indiarace Bureau Ashok Raghavan Steps down from KROA
136 August 3,2008 North-End Smith Makes 'em All Chase in 'Wayne'
137 August 2,2008 North-End Solid Black Wins SN Harish Memorial Trophy
138 August 1,2008 Pearcey Archipenko Wins Usha Stud Million
139 July 31,2008 Pearcey Kiara Completes A Formality
140 July 31,2008 Epsom Ace Pesi notches up his first win
141 July 27,2008 Pearcey Arabian Knight Loves To Dictate Terms
142 July 26,2008 Pearcey Diamond Hunter Shines On A Dull Day
143 July 26,2008 Epsom Ace It was 'A' for action on Saturday
144 July 25,2008 North-End Avec Plaisir Wins with Surprising Ease
145 July 24,2008 North-End Angel's Glory, Highland Conquest Win Impressively
146 July 23,2008 North-End A Lucrative Pune Season is upon Us
147 July 23,2008 Pearcey Satin Slipper Romps Home In Style
148 July 22,2008 Pearcey Star of Paradise Lifts Star Supreme Cup
149 July 22,2008 Courtesy: Times of India Bangalore Race Course to be shifted
150 July 20,2008 Pearcey Rhapsidion Snow Posts a Sensational Win
151 July 19,2008 Pearcey Safari Trounces Her Opponents
152 July 19,2008 Epsom Ace Brace for trainer Bath and jockey Afzal Khan
153 July 16,2008 Epsom Ace Rajinder Steals the Show
154 July 16,2008 Pearcey Wellington Excels in The Varahi Cup
155 July 15,2008 Pearcey Hero's Dominance Wins The BOL Publication Cup
156 July 13,2008 Pearcey Set Alight Is Truly Special
157 July 12,2008 Pearcey Alekona Smashes Course Record and Lifts Maharaja's Cup
158 July 12,2008 Epsom Ace Class told on opening day
159 July 10,2008 Pearcey Queen Filly Set To Wear The Derby Sash
160 July 9,2008 Epsom Ace Grey Gaston transformed the Indian breeding industry
161 July 7,2008 Epsom Ace The Saga of the Magnificent Seven
162 July 7,2008 Epsom Ace RCTC Geared up for Monsoon Season
163 July 5,2008 Pearcey Diamond Hunter Romps Home In Great Style
164 July 4,2008 Pearcey Bountiful Beauty lifts Kabini Dam Trophy
165 July 4,2008 Pearcey The Indian Turf Invitation Cup Has A New Sponsor
166 July 2,2008 Pearcey Zooming Wins in a Blanket Finish
167 June 29,2008 Pearcey Dancing Highness Is Back In Form
168 June 25,2008 Pearcey Dangerous Illusion Puts up an Impressive Display
169 June 22,2008 Epsom Ace Ilheus, the best of Dashmesh
170 June 21,2008 Epsom Ace Riyahi, the second of the Poonawalla trilogy
171 June 19,2008 North-End Malesh Narredu Powers His Way to 50th Classic
172 June 18,2008 Pearcey Favourites Fall Like Nine Pins At Mysore
173 June 15,2008 Pearcey Set Alight Wears The Fillies Crown
174 June 13,2008 Epsom Ace another of 'The Magnificent Seven'
175 June 11,2008 Pearcey Pied Piper Holds on to His Slender Advantage
176 June 10,2008 North-End Sinclair Marshall Nears Silver Jubilee Mark
177 June 8,2008 Pearcey Woman On Top is a True Champion
178 June 7,2008 Pearcey Angelique Wins a Thriller
179 June 5,2008 Pearcey Opera Princess Wins Golf Club Gold Trophy
180 June 4,2008 Pearcey Sincerity Pips Way To Wealth on the Post
181 June 3,2008 Epsom Ace The Magnificent Seven
182 June 1,2008 Pearcey Bourbon King Loves the Bangalore Turf
183 May 25,2008 Pearcey Set Alight Asserts Her Class and Superiority
184 May 24,2008 Pearcey Vanquish Lifts Karnataka Police Cup
185 May 22,2008 Pearcey Mr. Majestic Wins in Splendid Fashion
186 May 21,2008 North-End India Gets its Frst COLOUR Race Guide
187 May 21,2008 Pearcey Darashah Saddles Five in a Row
188 May 21,2008 Epsom Ace Resurrection of RCTC — A Reality Now
189 May 14,2008 Indiarace Bureau "Taking Someone's Livelihood away is the Toughest Call"
190 May 3,2008 Epsom Ace Blood Always Tells on the Race Track
191 April 29,2008 Indiarace Correspondent Will the Bangalore Season Start on the 8th?
192 April 29,2008 North-End Jockey Neeraj Rawal To Ride in France
193 April 27,2008 North-End Dancing Dynamite Scores an Explosive Win
194 April 26,2008 North-End Paris Hilton Makes ‘em All Chase Her All The Way
195 April 24,2008 North-End SBC Million Ensures a Fitting Finale on Sunday
196 April 24,2008 Pearcey The Summer of Competition at Bangalore
197 April 24,2008 Pearcey Big Bucks Chase Limited Supply
198 April 24,2008 Parjanya Middle Man Rises to the Occasion
199 April 23,2008 Pearcey Action Set To Resume At Bangalore
200 April 22,2008 Parjanya A khan Trainee Turns a Speedster
201 April 20,2008 North-End Casino Royale Gold – an in-house 'Monopoly'
202 April 19,2008 North-End Beyond Belief Romps Home In Style
203 April 18,2008 Parjanya Golden Gun Triggers Off Third Win
204 April 16,2008 Epsom Ace It Was a 'Regal' Season at Calcutta
205 April 15,2008 Parjanya Youngsters bounce back to rule the turf
206 April 14,2008 Parjanya Three-way Finish Enables Senegal to Corner Glory
207 April 13,2008 North-End Champion Trainer-Jockey Combo Wins Gool S Poonawalla Million
208 April 12,2008 North-End Got To Go… Miles And More – To The Fore
209 April 11,2008 Epsom Ace Vijay Singh and Christopher Alford are champs
210 April 9,2008 Parjanya Ashwa Pratap Dashes the Hope of Trusted Friend
211 April 9,2008 Pearcey Tote Collections Grow 10-fold in a Decade
212 April 8,2008 Pearcey Mysore Summer Season Kickstarts On May 21
213 April 7,2008 Pearcey Bangalore Summer Season Takes Off On May 8
214 April 7,2008 North-End Samarkhand Smashes Course Record
215 April 5,2008 North-End Nadeem Alam Tears Out of His Cocoon
216 April 4,2008 Epsom Ace Fort Knox Stands Rigid
217 April 3,2008 Epsom Ace Amazing Sea Legend wins the The Donegal cup
218 April 3,2008 Pearcey New BTC Norms Create Furore
219 March 31,2008 North-End Noble Prince Pips Sweeping Success
220 March 31,2008 Parjanya Stuning Rose rises to the occasion
221 March 30,2008 North-End Jockey Rajendra Continues to Dominate
222 March 29,2008 Pearcey Fleeting Arrow Confirms Superiority
223 March 29,2008 Epsom Ace Gallant Commander Guns Down Rivals
224 March 28,2008 Pearcey Outsiders Dominate Friday's Racing At Bangalore
225 March 28,2008 North-End Jockey Rajendra’s Treble Steals the Limelight
226 March 27,2008 Parjanya Gin And Tonic wins the battle for honours
227 March 26,2008 Epsom Ace The Handicapper Takes the Honours
228 March 24,2008 Parjanya Soul Satisfaction Leaves the Field in Lurch
229 March 23,2008 North-End ‘Fired Up' Srinath Goes 'Full Throttle'
230 March 22,2008 Pearcey Royal Ambassador Wins A Thriller
231 March 21,2008 Pearcey Einstein Draws Away For A Smashing Win
232 March 19,2008 Parjanya Divine Heights Has It Easy In Feature
233 March 19,2008 Parjanya Solid Success Bounces Back To Form
234 March 19,2008 Epsom Ace Rank outsiders burn punter's pockets
235 March 18,2008 North-End Jockey Shailesh Shinde Suspended
236 March 17,2008 North-End Shroff, Shah Excel in Juvenile Championship
237 March 17,2008 Epsom Ace Afforce Adds One more Feather to His Cap
238 March 15,2008 Pearcey Aurelian Canters Away With The Racing Patrons Trophy
239 March 14,2008 Pearcey Timely Action Saves The Situation
240 March 14,2008 North-End Nitrous Keeps Date with Victory
241 March 13,2008 North-End Champion Trainer-Jockey Combo Wins Gool S Poonawalla Million
242 March 11,2008 Parjanya The Rock scripts history
243 March 11,2008 Parjanya Solitary Man saves the day
244 March 10,2008 Epsom Ace Aristotle’s class has the last word
245 March 10,2008 North-End Personified Wins Wadia Million
246 March 7,2008 North-End Robert D’Mellow Saddles a Lucrative Double
247 March 7,2008 Pearcey Rio Bravo Makes It Five In A Row
248 March 4,2008 Pearcey BTC Likely To Agree With JAI Viewpoint
249 March 4,2008 Parjanya Favorites find winning path
250 March 2,2008 Tom Krish Sweeping Success Gives Dr. MAM his 11th Invitation
251 February 29,2008 Parjanya Solid Meets With Success
252 February 28,2008 Epsom Ace Fort Knox Lived up to His Name
253 February 28,2008 Pearcey Mysore Winter Season Ends with a Long Card
254 February 26,2008 North-End Talented Jockey Kishore Kadam Scores a Sizzling Double
255 February 24,2008 North-End ‘Rich, Hard, Hugh(es)’ Win for Autonomy
256 February 23,2008 Pearcey Violet Honey Lifts Governor's Trophy
257 February 23,2008 Epsom Ace Punters Take A Fierce Drubbing
258 February 22,2008 Pearcey Lokanath And Suraj Combine Effectively
259 February 22,2008 Vivek Jain Rich Fare at Poonawalla Multi Million
260 February 20,2008 Pearcey Dangerous Illusion Wins Days Feature
261 February 20,2008 Parjanya Strengthto Succeed Wins with Authority
262 February 17,2008 Epsom Ace Lycia Falcon Obliterates Opposition
263 February 17,2008 North-End Spinoza Wins Eclipse Stakes of India
264 February 16,2008 Pearcey Rare And Precious Lives Upto His Name
265 February 13,2008 North-End Expensive Phenomenale fails to make a winning debut
266 February 13,2008 Pearcey Time To Celebrate Wins Day's Feature
267 February 13,2008 Parjanya Godavari Posts a Fluent Victory
268 February 12,2008 Parjanya The Rock Crushes the Rest
269 February 11,2008 North-End Oasis Star Dazzles Race Goers
270 February 10,2008 Epsom Ace Azureus Lifts Queen's Cup in Style
271 February 9,2008 Pearcey Wonder Smile Wins a Hard Fought Battle
272 February 4,2008 Tom Krish Kinane and Shah, the Oldest Jockey and Trainer in the Derby Field, Triumph
273 February 3,2008 North-End Hotstepper – The ‘Shah’ of the Turf
274 February 3,2008 North-End Well-backed Double for Haresh Mehta
275 February 2,2008 North-End ‘Set Alight Fights All The Way
276 February 2,2008 Epsom Ace Priapus Edges out Hugo, Bags Mayor's Cup
277 February 1,2008 Pearcey Dinesa Canters away for an Easy Victory
278 February 1,2008 Pearcey Woman On Top Is Back In Form
279 January 31,2008 Vivek Jain Indian Derby Scales New Highs
280 January 31,2008 Parjanya Khan Darbar Enthrals at Delhi
281 January 30,2008 Epsom Ace Entrepreneur Lifts Bahrain Trophy in Style
282 January 28,2008 Pearcey Status Quo at the BTC
283 January 28,2008 Pearcey Normalcy Restored at the BTC
284 January 25,2008 Pearcey Bangalore Trainers on the Backfoot
285 January 24,2008 North-End Magic Touch Wins Byculla Club Trophy
286 January 24,2008 Epsom Ace Unstoppable Vijay Notches up a Quartet
287 January 23,2008 Parjanya Brahmaputra Bags the North India Derby
288 January 23,2008 Pearcey Poonawalla Bangalore Derby Cancelled
289 January 23,2008 Pearcey San Siro Survives Objection
290 January 20,2008 North-End Yana is the Queen Filly
291 January 20,2008 Epsom Ace Outstation Riders Trigger the Adrenalin Rush
292 January 19,2008 Pearcey Pastiche Completes A Quick Hat-Trick
293 January 18,2008 Pearcey Mark Of Gibraltar Beaten on the Post
294 January 17,2008 North-End Lagad, O’Donnoghue Steal the Show
295 January 16,2008 Pearcey Custer Makes it Three in a Row
296 January 13,2008 North-End Red Romeo Grabs Nitco Million, Wins Hearts
297 January 13,2008 Pearcey Retribution Lifts Chief Minister's Trophy
298 January 13,2008 Pearcey Retribution Lifts Chief Minister's Trophy
299 January 13,2008 Epsom Ace Regal Connection Bags Calcutta Derby
300 January 12,2008 Epsom Ace Calcutta Derby Promises Plenty
301 January 12,2008 North-End Rich rewards for winner of The Nitco Million
302 January 11,2008 Parjanya Strengthto Succeed Dazzles at Colts Trial.
303 January 10,2008 Parjanya Saksham Babe in a Nail-biting Finish
304 January 10,2008 North-End De Power of Rajendra's Arms Tilts Balance
305 January 9,2008 Pearcey Perfect Chemistry Wins Day’s Feature
306 January 6,2008 North-End Vintage Narredu Powers Dancing Diva to a Sizzling Victory
307 January 6,2008 Pearcey Wonder Smile Lifts Bangalore Oaks
308 January 6,2008 Epsom Ace Christopher Alford Notches up Fancied Treble
309 January 3,2008 North-End Star Wave makes a smashing Debut
310 January 2,2008 Pearcey Callidora Wins In A Tight Finish
311 January 2,2008 Epsom Ace Treble for Vijay Singh