• Punjabi Girl wins The Fillies Championship Stakes (Gr.1)
  • Sir Cecil wins The Colts Championship Stakes (Gr.1)
  • Sir Cecil wins The Kingfisher Ultra Derby Bangalore (Gr.1)
  • Desert God wins The Tetrasoft Inc. Bangalore St. Leger (Gr.2)
Sl.NoDatePosted ByHeading
1 December 31,2009 Mahendra Mallya Forever Young Wins DG Police Cup in Style
2 December 29,2009 Parjanya Successor Practises Art of victory
3 December 28,2009 Mirror Image Arabian Dancer Lands The Spoils
4 December 27,2009 Mirror Image An Easy Win for Iaepetus
5 December 27,2009 Mahendra Mallya Star Warrior Storms, Maseeha Stuns
6 December 26,2009 Pearcey DR. MALLYA SCORES A CENTURY IN 2009
7 December 25,2009 Pearcey My Friend Paul Storms to a Sensational Win
8 December 24,2009 Mahendra Mallya It Is a Thunderous Thousand for Imtiaz
9 December 22,2009 Parjanya Ashish Hogs the Limelight on Blue Lagoon
10 December 21,2009 Mirror Image Fly By Wire Lands Safely
11 December 20,2009 Mirror Image Deccan Juvenile Million for Rapture Of Victory
12 December 20,2009 Mahendra Mallya Shroff Juggernaut Rolls On
13 December 20,2009 Mahendra Mallya Jacqueline’s Mile Makes Pesi Smile
14 December 19,2009 Pearcey Jersey Pride Wins Karnataka Police Trophy
15 December 18,2009 Pearcey Cielo Rey Wins in a "Canter"
16 December 18,2009 Mahendra Mallya Vivek Jain Takes the Chair amidst Records
17 December 17,2009 Pearcey Turf Raider Overwhelms His Opponents
18 December 15,2009 Parjanya Rajinder Rocks with Rawsom & Rock Ing Star
19 December 14,2009 Mirror Image Vijayrath Steals the Show
20 December 13,2009 Mirror Image Davenport Anchors Indian Navy Challenge Trophy
21 December 13,2009 Mahendra Mallya Jacqueline Best- the Latest Star of the Turf
22 December 13,2009 Mahendra Mallya Shirke, Dhunjibhoy and Shroff Reign Supreme
23 December 12,2009 Pearcey Sprint Star "Floors" His Opponents
24 December 11,2009 Pearcey Rasili Justifies Her Short Odds
25 December 10,2009 Mahendra Mallya Pesi Maintains His Awesome Pace - Saddles a Treble
26 December 9,2009 Mirror Image Vijay’s Angel Wins a Thriller
27 December 8,2009 Mirror Image Thumping Win for Fleet Indian in The 2000 Guineas
28 December 7,2009 Pearcey Suraj Waves Indian Tri-colour at Mauritius
29 December 6,2009 Mahendra Mallya Katrak and Fenton Score Hat-trick
30 December 5,2009 Pearcey Diamond Hunter Displays Sparkling Acceleration
31 December 4,2009 Pearcey The Senator Wins by a Street
32 December 3,2009 Mahendra Mallya Pesi, Sunderji Dominate Thursday’s Races
33 December 2,2009 Pearcey Fancied Runners Score with Regularity
34 December 1,2009 Parjanya Ashwa Paarth Pulverises the Opposition on Debut
35 December 1,2009 Mirror Image Arabian Dancer Taps To Victory
36 November 29,2009 Mirror Image Orochi Sets The Track Ablaze
37 November 29,2009 Mahendra Mallya It’s a Six… a Four and Yet Another Four for Shroff
38 November 28,2009 Pearcey Youre So Beautiful Stuns a Quality Field
39 November 27,2009 Mahendra Mallya Pesi Smashes Course Record with a Six
40 November 27,2009 Parjanya Subroos Leaves Companions Far Behind
41 November 26,2009 Mahendra Mallya RWITC Pays Homage to Mumbai Martyrs
42 November 25,2009 Pearcey Aurelian Carries Top Weight With Ease
43 November 24,2009 Mirror Image Consistent Zycon Registers A Win
44 November 23,2009 Parjanya Optimist Rose Blooms Beyond Compare
45 November 22,2009 Mirror Image Paddu Shows The ‘Celestial Way’
46 November 22,2009 Mahendra Mallya Katrak Off to a Flying Start, Saddles Treble
47 November 21,2009 Pearcey Kyles Of Bute Stuns His Opponents
48 November 20,2009 Pearcey D'artagnan is a Fine Sprinter
49 November 20,2009 Pearcey “Safeguard the Interests of Bangalore-based Horses"
50 November 18,2009 Pearcey Youremylov Lifts Air Force Gold Cup
51 November 17,2009 Parjanya Rock Ing Star Finds Her Winning Shoes
52 November 16,2009 Mirror Image El Paso Decimates Opposition
53 November 15,2009 Mirror Image Above The Line In Irresistible Form
54 November 14,2009 Pearcey Bourbon Bay Posts a Stylish Victory
55 November 11,2009 Pearcey Dare Don Reproduces His Old Form
56 November 10,2009 Parjanya Bad Luck Mars Just Like A Woman
57 November 9,2009 Mirror Image Rainbow Fog In Rousing Form
58 November 8,2009 Mirror Image Form Goes Haywire on a Wet Afternoon
59 November 7,2009 Pearcey Captivating Asserts Her Class and Superiority
60 November 6,2009 Pearcey Celestial Way Displays Superb Acceleration
61 November 5,2009 Parjanya Hard-earned Victory for Middle Man
62 November 4,2009 Pearcey Lotus Pond Scores an Emphatic Victory
63 November 4,2009 Racing Correspondent Bangalore Winter Season Starts on Friday
64 November 3,2009 Parjanya Rock Ing Star Gets a Scar on Reputation
65 November 2,2009 Mirror Image A Win For Kohinoor King
66 November 1,2009 Mirror Image Seasons’ Change at Hyderabad
67 October 30,2009 Parjanya Ashwa Shourya Shows Bravery for the Title
68 October 25,2009 Mirror Image Autonomy Reigns Supreme at Malakpet
69 October 22,2009 Parjanya Shub Shubh Undisputed Sprinter in Delhi
70 October 20,2009 Parjanya Legendary Hero Makes a Winning Debut
71 October 19,2009 Mirror Image Set Alight Will Be Missed In The Invitation
72 October 19,2009 Mirror Image Leo The Lion Stays on Top
73 October 18,2009 Pearcey Fleet Indian Wins Poonawalla Mysore Derby
74 October 17,2009 Pearcey Gershwin Stuns a Quality Field
75 October 13,2009 Mahendra Mallya Oasis Star ‘Walks’ Away with NDDSM – Literally
76 October 12,2009 Mirror Image Chief Completes Mission
77 October 11,2009 Mahendra Mallya Versaki Wins Nanoli Pune Derby Win
78 October 11,2009 Mahendra Mallya Who Will Win The Nanoli Pune Derby
79 October 10,2009 Mahendra Mallya Ecstatica Wins IG Oktoberfest Trophy in Style
80 October 10,2009 Mirror Image SHE’S ‘ABOVE THE LINE’
81 October 9,2009 Pearcey Henry's Secret Continues to Dazzle
82 October 8,2009 Pearcey Sharat Kumar Has "The Midas Touch"
83 October 6,2009 Parjanya Sameer Khan Steals the Show, Scores Double
84 October 5,2009 Mirror Image ROYAL EMBASSY UPSETS
86 October 3,2009 Mahendra Mallya Blazing Spectacle Wins the Supri Super Sprint
88 October 1,2009 Pearcey Palazzio's Sun Blazes The Mysore Race Track
89 September 30,2009 Pearcey Tanzanite Survives a Scare
90 September 29,2009 Parjanya Sonic Boom Marches on with Fifth Straight Win
91 September 28,2009 Mirror Image MAXIMISE WARMS UP FOR THE STAYERS
92 September 27,2009 Mirror Image GLOBAL PRESENCE HAS IT EASY
93 September 26,2009 Mahendra Mallya Beyond Belief Pips Juventus in Scintillating Finish
94 September 25,2009 Pearcey Sprint Star Wins Mysore 2000 Guineas
95 September 24,2009 Pearcey Wonder Smile Scores in Effortless Fashion
96 September 22,2009 Parjanya Sonic Boom Resounds over the Tight Field
97 September 21,2009 Mirror Image EASY WIN FOR DAVENPORT
98 September 20,2009 Mirror Image IAEPETUS HALTS CORAL GABLES’S DREAM RUN
99 September 20,2009 Mahendra Mallya Yana Canters To Impressive Victory
100 September 19,2009 Mahendra Mallya Desert Queen Rules
101 September 18,2009 Pearcey Foley and Prakash Score a Lucrative Hat-trick
102 September 17,2009 Pearcey Exclusive Grey Romps Home in Style
103 September 14,2009 Mirror Image CROCODILE HUNTER CANTERS HOME
104 September 13,2009 Mirror Image SET ALIGHT FINDS HER WINNING SHOES
105 September 13,2009 Mahendra Mallya SAP Multi-Million - Sea Ruler Rules the Turf
106 September 12,2009 Mahendra Mallya Dear Liza Wins Paranjpe Juvenile Gold Cup
107 September 11,2009 Pearcey Rhapsidion Snow Wears "Maharaja's" Crown
108 September 10,2009 Pearcey In The Zone Puts up a Speedy Display
109 September 8,2009 Parjanya Shubh Shubh Breaks Brahmaputra’s Record
110 September 7,2009 Mirror Image Impressive Victory For Carte Blanche
111 September 6,2009 Mirror Image PADMANABHAN LEADS THE COLTS’ TOO
112 September 6,2009 Mahendra Mallya Juventus Storms to Record-breaking Victory
113 September 5,2009 Mahendra Mallya Apprentice Prabhu Naidu Makes a Winning Debut
114 September 4,2009 Pearcey Prakash Steers Mystic Quest With Confidence
115 September 3,2009 Pearcey Harish Dazzles Astride Rare And Precious
116 September 2,2009 Mirror Image KHALEELS PRIDE MAKES LIGHT OF TOP WEIGHT
117 September 1,2009 Parjanya Going Heavy? No Problem for Top Performers
118 August 31,2009 Pearcey BTC Authorities Welcome CM's Assurances
119 August 30,2009 Mahendra Mallya Red Dragon Wins Rajendrasinghji Million
120 August 30,2009 Mirror Image FILLIES TRIAL STAKES FOR MESSALINA
121 August 29,2009 Mahendra Mallya El Tropico, Forever Young Win Impressively
122 August 28,2009 Pearcey Badge Of Gold Sets a New Record
123 August 27,2009 Pearcey Star Presence Survives a Scare
124 August 25,2009 Parjanya Shubh Puts His Shubh Foot Forward
125 August 24,2009 Mirror Image COME TOGETHER WINS EASE
126 August 23,2009 Mirror Image Coral Gables Unstoppable
127 August 23,2009 Mahendra Mallya Dashrath Singh Guides Portrush to Record-smashing Win
128 August 22,2009 Mahendra Mallya Srinath Powers Fire Streak to Win Saarrathi Million
129 August 22,2009 Mirror Image IT’S AN ‘INVITATION’
130 August 21,2009 Pearcey Humble Guy Scores in Emphatic Fashion
131 August 20,2009 Pearcey Time For All Wins On The Last Stride
133 August 16,2009 Mahendra Mallya Antonois Storms Home with Unquestioned Authority
134 August 15,2009 Mahendra Mallya Thanda Leaves the Field ‘Cold’
136 August 14,2009 Pearcey Mystic Quest Wins Near The Post
137 August 13,2009 Pearcey Associator Posts a New Course Record
138 August 10,2009 Mirror Image L.D’SILVA DAZZLES WITH A TREBLE
139 August 9,2009 Mirror Image HURRICANE BAY BREEZES AWAY
140 August 9,2009 Mahendra Mallya Sea Ruler Wins Wadia Trophy
141 August 8,2009 Mahendra Mallya Mayapan Trophy - Devilitto Wins a Three-way Thriller
142 August 7,2009 Pearcey Noble Prince Continues His Winning Ways
143 August 6,2009 Pearcey Green Bax Confirms His High Rating
144 August 5,2009 Mahendra Mallya Malesh Narredu to Represent World Jockey Team
145 August 3,2009 Mirror Image PROUD ACCOLADE(S) FOR FAISAL HASSAN
146 August 2,2009 Mirror Image CROCODILE HUNTER GETS HIS TROPHY
147 August 2,2009 Mahendra Mallya Enceladus Blazes to Victory in Style
148 August 2,2009 Mahendra Mallya Record Tumbles as Oasis Star Ambles
149 July 31,2009 Pearcey Palazzio's Sun Wins in a Close Finish
150 July 30,2009 Pearcey Mother's Pride Stuns the Opposition
151 July 29,2009 Mirror Image Copertina Lifts The S Malakonda Reddy Memorial Cup
152 July 28,2009 Pearcey Raider's Sun Makes Light of Heavy Impost
153 July 26,2009 Pearcey Gypsy Magic Redeems Her Superiority
154 July 25,2009 Pearcey Tomsk Scores a Popular Victory
155 July 24,2009 Mahendra Mallya Chakori Trophy Goes to the Mistry Home
156 July 23,2009 Mahendra Mallya Spitz Swamps the Opposition to Submission
157 July 23,2009 Mirror Image AGE NO BARRIER FOR CORAL GABLES
158 July 22,2009 Mirror Image FAVOURITES ‘ECLIPSED’ BY LONGSHOTS
160 July 20,2009 Pearcey Theworldismine Finally Enters Winners Enclosure
161 July 19,2009 Pearcey Conceptual Displays Her Staying Abilities
162 July 18,2009 Pearcey Rimpuche Scores in The Highest Class
163 July 16,2009 Mahendra Mallya Red Romeo decimates Opposition
164 July 16,2009 Mahendra Mallya New Sponsors, Record Stakes For Pune Races
165 July 15,2009 Pearcey An Open Letter to The Turf Authorities Of India
166 July 14,2009 Pearcey BTC May Finally Move to Chikkajala
167 July 13,2009 Pearcey Raider's Sun Win The El Dorado Trophy
168 July 12,2009 Pearcey Aboline Asserts His Class and Superiority
169 July 11,2009 Tom Krish Fleeting Spirit upsets in the July Cup
170 July 11,2009 Pearcey Rhapsidion Snow Sinks an Age Old Record
171 July 9,2009 Pearcey A "Full House" in The Kingfisher Derby 2009
172 July 8,2009 Mahendra Mallya Trophy for Kingfisher Bangalore Derby Unveiled
173 July 8,2009 Pearcey Ashkan Canters Away With The Nairn Cup
174 July 5,2009 Pearcey Noble Prince Shows Scant Respect for His Rivals
175 July 4,2009 Pearcey Portobello Gains an Overdue Success
176 July 2,2009 Pearcey Fire Of Joy Wins Amidst Heavy Showers
177 July 1,2009 Pearcey Vertex Registers an Impressive Victory
178 June 29,2009 Indiarace Bureau KROA May Approach the Court of Law
179 June 28,2009 Pearcey Forest Flair is The Champion Juvenile Sprinter
180 June 27,2009 Pearcey Royal Ambassador Springs a Huge Surprise
181 June 21,2009 Pearcey Sprint Star Wears the Colts Crown
182 June 21,2009 Epsom Ace A Late Starter But Quick Learner
183 June 20,2009 Pearcey Diego Rivera Wins In Style
184 June 14,2009 Pearcey "A Small Filly With A Big Heart"
185 June 13,2009 Pearcey Firezone Enters The Big league
186 June 11,2009 Epsom Ace The Resilient Steve Cauthen
187 June 10,2009 Pearcey Mysore Races Run True to Form
188 June 7,2009 Pearcey Palazzio's Sun Lifts The Chief Ministers Cup
189 June 6,2009 Pearcey Lava Drops a Bombshell
190 June 4,2009 Pearcey Ohiyesa Wins in a Common Canter
191 June 3,2009 Pearcey Lotus Pond Wins a Cliff-hanger
192 May 31,2009 Pearcey Diego Rivera Confirms His Superior Status
193 May 30,2009 Pearcey Aboline Belongs To a Different League
194 May 27,2009 Pearcey Royal View Floors His Opponents
195 May 27,2009 Epsom Ace Carson, the finest from Scotland
196 May 24,2009 Pearcey D'artagnan Wins The Juvenile Million
197 May 23,2009 Pearcey Bourbon Bay Posts an Impressive Victory
198 May 23,2009 Epsom Ace Walter Swinburn –A chip off the old block
199 May 21,2009 Pearcey Red Key Point Wins HRC Gold Trophy
200 May 20,2009 Pearcey Mysore Stewards Need to be More Consistent
201 May 20,2009 Epsom Ace Two big stars of yesteryear
202 May 17,2009 Pearcey Splendid Surprise Matures Like Fine Wine
203 May 16,2009 Pearcey Affirmed Crown Lifts The Mayor's Trophy
204 May 14,2009 Pearcey Special Force Posts a Stylish Victory
205 May 14,2009 Pearcey Summer Season Starts On Saturday
206 May 13,2009 Racing Correspondent After Racing, Tourism Affected by Mysterious Disease
207 May 12,2009 Epsom Ace Lester Piggott – a Living Legend
208 May 10,2009 Pearcey Raider's Sun Spreadeagles The Opposition
209 May 9,2009 Mahendra Mallya Relive the Derby Experience
210 May 8,2009 Pearcey Vertex Lucky To Retain The Midnight Cowboy Cup
211 May 7,2009 Epsom Ace Pat Eddery was Par Excellence on French Soil
212 May 6,2009 Pearcey Live Action Returns to Mysore Race Club
213 May 3,2009 Mahendra Mallya Cotswold Arms De-Activates dancing Dynamite
214 May 2,2009 Mahendra Mallya Buster Wins Even as Thanda Puts Up ‘Garam’ Fight
215 May 1,2009 Mahendra Mallya Sea Sparrow Flies Away From Rivals
216 April 28,2009 Parjanya Longest Delhi Racing Season Comes to an End
217 April 25,2009 Mahendra Mallya Mr Greedy Powers to Victory
218 April 24,2009 Parjanya Middle Man's Achievement Makes the Field Dwarf
219 April 21,2009 Parjanya No Sign of Summer 44 for Favourites
220 April 19,2009 Mahendra Mallya Yana Wins the Eclipse Stakes in Style
221 April 18,2009 Mahendra Mallya IGCC Summer Fest to Unfold at Mahalaxmi
222 April 18,2009 Mahendra Mallya Nazak Chinoy Saddles Her Maiden Winner
223 April 17,2009 Epsom Ace C.Alford Notches Up 50 wins
224 April 16,2009 Epsom Ace Outsiders Rattle Punters
225 April 14,2009 Parjanya Rock Ing Star Becomes Talk of the Town
226 April 12,2009 Mahendra Mallya Star Crowned Wins Rattonsey Multi-Million
227 April 12,2009 Mahendra Mallya Antonios Stuns All, but Shah, at Mahalaxmi
228 April 12,2009 Mahendra Mallya The McDowell Signature Indian Derby (Gr.1)
229 April 11,2009 Mahendra Mallya Forest Flair Wins Kunigal Breeders’ Produce Stakes
230 April 11,2009 Mahendra Mallya Sign in for McDowell Signature Indian Derby
231 April 10,2009 Mahendra Mallya Autonomy Will Ensure A Fitting Battle
232 April 10,2009 Epsom Ace Bath Quadruple Sinks Punters
233 April 9,2009 Mahendra Mallya It’s Showtime At Mahalaxmi
234 April 7,2009 Parjanya Gin And Tonic Takes Sweet Revenge
235 April 6,2009 Parjanya Rock Ing Star Becomes Queen of the Delhi Turf
236 April 5,2009 Mahendra Mallya Colts Zip, Fillies Crawl, Traffic Jam at Winning Post
237 April 4,2009 Mahendra Mallya Maiden Winner by a 100th of a second
238 April 3,2009 Epsom Ace Hat-trick for Vijay Singh and C. Alford
239 April 2,2009 Epsom Ace Man About Town pulls it off again
240 March 31,2009 Parjanya The Rock Fails to Impress En Route to Victory
241 March 30,2009 Parjanya Patience and Speed Pay Dividends for Senegal
242 March 29,2009 Mahendra Mallya Mistrys’ Riyasat Extends Over Mahalaxmi Track
243 March 29,2009 Mahendra Mallya Fly Away in Your Own Private Jet
244 March 29,2009 Mahendra Mallya Catalyst Wins Mauritius Tourism Cup
245 March 28,2009 Pearcey Aboline is a "Top Class" Juvenile
246 March 28,2009 Epsom Ace Diabolical lifts Queen Elizabeth II Cup
247 March 27,2009 Pearcey Mercurial Tackles Aristos Close Home
248 March 26,2009 Mahendra Mallya Vintage Rajendra in Sublime Form
249 March 26,2009 Parjanya Turkish Doll Delights with Astonishing Turn of Foot
250 March 25,2009 Parjanya Take A Chance Makes Handicap Lighter of Age Group
251 March 25,2009 Epsom Ace Apprentice Jockeys Rule The Roost
252 March 22,2009 Mahendra Mallya Rajendra Steers Versaki to a Hard-fought Victory
253 March 21,2009 Pearcey Aquitaine Wears The "Sprinters" Crown
254 March 21,2009 Epsom Ace Bountiful Talent Wins it for MAM
255 March 20,2009 Pearcey Competent Soldier Posts an Emphatic Victory
256 March 19,2009 Mahendra Mallya Set Alight Breaks Elusive Pimpernel’s Record
257 March 19,2009 Mahendra Mallya Niall McCullagh Sizzles on the Mahalaxmi Track
258 March 16,2009 Mahendra Mallya Harmonica Tunes Her Run to Perfection
259 March 16,2009 Mahendra Mallya Oasis Star Wins Dr. S C Jain Sprinters’ Championship
260 March 16,2009 Mahendra Mallya Angelique Wins Wadia Gold Cup in a Thrilling Finish
261 March 15,2009 Mahendra Mallya A Million Reasons to Be At The Mahalaxmi Racecourse
262 March 14,2009 Pearcey Reflection Of Gold Carries Public Purse to Victory
263 March 13,2009 Pearcey Spearhead Lifts The Narasimharaja Cup
264 March 13,2009 Epsom Ace Samarkhand Topples Them All
265 March 12,2009 Mahendra Mallya Sea Storm Springs A Surprise, Drowns Czar & Co
266 March 11,2009 Mirror Image CURTAINS COME DOWN AT HYDERABAD
267 March 8,2009 Mahendra Mallya McCullagh Strikes A Purple Patch
268 March 7,2009 Pearcey Aquitaine Scores a Bloodless Victory
269 March 7,2009 Epsom Ace Favourites bring ‘Sound of Cheers’
270 March 6,2009 Pearcey Splendid Surprise Shows Superb Acceleration
271 March 5,2009 Mahendra Mallya Sunderji Saddles A Popular Double
274 March 3,2009 Parjanya Tomsk at His Best Delhi Derby
275 March 1,2009 Mahendra Mallya Diego Rivera Storms in, Breaks Record
276 March 1,2009 Mahendra Mallya Rival Fillies Fail to Cut any Ice with Set Alight
277 February 28,2009 Epsom Ace Abs Fabs Pulverizes Derby Field
278 February 27,2009 Epsom Ace Outstation challengers dwarf local stock
279 February 27,2009 Mahendra Mallya Gitanjali to Set Alight the Stage for Indian Classics
280 February 27,2009 Pearcey Classerville Confirms Superiority in KROA Trophy
281 February 25,2009 Mahendra Mallya Successor Made to Fight, Secret Pilgrim has it Easy
282 February 24,2009 Parjanya Rocking Star Leaves the Field Dance to Her Tune
283 February 23,2009 Mirror Image LA LAPITUS EDGES OUT GENTLEMANS DEAL
284 February 22,2009 Mirror Image CORAL GABLES SIGNS OFF IN STYLE
285 February 22,2009 Mahendra Mallya Oasis Star Dazzles Amidst the Glitter of Diamonds
286 February 21,2009 Pearcey Captivating Wins in a Common Canter
287 February 21,2009 Epsom Ace Upsets Galore At Calcutta Racecourse
288 February 20,2009 Pearcey Salsera Wins In a Close Finish
289 February 19,2009 Mahendra Mallya River Blossom in Full Flow-Wins Governor's Cup
290 February 19,2009 Mahendra Mallya River Blossom in Full Flow-Wins Governors Cup
291 February 18,2009 Epsom Ace Right Again was too good
292 February 16,2009 Mirror Image CHAMPION STAR BREAKS HIS OWN RECORD
293 February 15,2009 Mirror Image EL PASO LIFTS GODOLPHIN BARB STAKES
294 February 15,2009 Epsom Ace Grand Madame Superior To The ‘Girls’
295 February 15,2009 Mahendra Mallya Rhapsidion Snow Grabs the Headline
296 February 14,2009 Pearcey Aboline Saunters Away With "Winter Million"
297 February 13,2009 Pearcey Spark Of Gold Wins Impressively
298 February 13,2009 Pearcey Spark Of Gold Wins Impressively
299 February 12,2009 Mahendra Mallya Secret Admirer Wins Municipal Commissioner Trophy
300 February 11,2009 Epsom Ace C.Alford 'Afforce' to Reckon with
301 February 10,2009 Parjanya Stunning Rose Inches Closer to Classic Treble
302 February 9,2009 Mirror Image MAXIMISE LIFTS A.P. R.H.O.A.TROPHY
303 February 8,2009 Pearcey Icebreaker Pulverizes Her Poonawalla Derby Opponents
304 February 7,2009 Mahendra Mallya All Stars Day at Mahalaxmi Racecourse
306 February 7,2009 Epsom Ace MAM Team Have a Noble View
307 February 6,2009 Parjanya Take A Chance, Jovial Complete Hat-trick
308 February 6,2009 Pearcey Countdown Begins for Poonawalla Bangalore Derby
309 February 4,2009 Epsom Ace Handicapper Stole The Show
310 February 3,2009 Parjanya Rock Ing Star, Mettalika Win Effortlessly
311 February 2,2009 Mirror Image CHAMP FOREVER PICKS MAIN EVENT
312 February 2,2009 Mahendra Mallya Spitz Hacks Field for La Ditta Crystal Trophy
313 February 1,2009 Epsom Ace Safari pegs back Grand Madame to bag 1000 Guineas
314 January 31,2009 Mahendra Mallya Angles Glory Romps Home to fifth Straight Win
315 January 30,2009 Mirror Image AUXILIARY MAINTAINS ROUSING FORM
316 January 29,2009 Parjanya Global Stud Remembers Great Warriors at DRC
317 January 28,2009 Parjanya Ashwa Prayag Prevails over Turkish Doll
318 January 28,2009 Pearcey Bangalore Turf Club Confirms Its Position
320 January 24,2009 Mirror Image RUBY QUEEN WINS WITH NO ANXIETY
321 January 24,2009 Epsom Ace Christopher Alford 'Hits' the Jackpot
322 January 23,2009 Pearcey Tomsk Shows Phenomenal Improvement
323 January 22,2009 Parjanya Brahmaputra Becomes The King Of Delhi Turf
324 January 20,2009 Parjanya Rajinder Steals the Show on Stunning Rose
325 January 19,2009 Mirror Image EFFORTLESS WIN FOR RUBY QUEEN
326 January 18,2009 Mirror Image AL FATHA GETS 'SPOT ON'
327 January 18,2009 Epsom Ace Vijay Singh records facile quadruple
328 January 17,2009 Epsom Ace Superb treble for Christopher Alford
329 January 17,2009 Racing Correspondent Mysore Winter Season Called Off
330 January 16,2009 North-End Authorities Accede to RWITC's Request
331 January 15,2009 Parjanya El Johar Horses Have no Match in Speed
332 January 14,2009 Parjanya The Rock Wins but Fails to Impress
333 January 12,2009 Mirror Image KHALEELS PRIDE WINS IN A THRILLER
334 January 11,2009 Mirror Image RAJ VEER BLAZES THE TRACK
335 January 11,2009 Epsom Ace Fillies Enjoy Lung-Openers Before Early Classics
336 January 10,2009 Mahendra Mallya First Day Race-Card likely on January 31st 2009
337 January 10,2009 Pearcey Vanquish Stuns a Classy Field
338 January 9,2009 Pearcey Queen Rania Rules The Bangalore Turf
339 January 6,2009 Parjanya Brahmaputra & Record Made for Each Other
340 January 5,2009 Mirror Image Red Fairy Romps Home In Feature
341 January 5,2009 Mirror Image Red Fairy Romps Home In Feature
342 January 4,2009 Mirror Image Attractress Turns Out To Be A Darling
343 January 3,2009 Pearcey Icebreaker Wins Her Second Classic
344 January 2,2009 Pearcey Rhapsidion Snow Wins In Effortless Fashion
345 January 1,2009 Epsom Ace Trebles For Vijay, Neeraj