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1 December 31,2010 Pearcey Sunspirit Nails Abnoba Near The Winning Post
2 December 30,2010 Mahendra Mallya Dr Vijay Mallya’s Stromboli Scales to Glory
3 December 29,2010 Mirror Image Effortless Victory For Blue Thunder
4 December 28,2010 Parjanya Master Blaster Lifts the North India 2000 Guineas
5 December 27,2010 Mirror Image Don Valentino Wins In A Grand Stand Finish
6 December 26,2010 Mirror Image Zamorin Wins The Deccan Juvenile Million
7 December 26,2010 Epsom Ace Xisca Sinks ‘Alice’ in a Slow-run Oaks
8 December 26,2010 Mahendra Mallya David Allan Falters on Becket as Polish Patriot Wins
9 December 25,2010 Pearcey Oban Is A Totally Transformed Filly
10 December 24,2010 Pearcey Kilimanjaro Displays Brilliant Acceleration
11 December 23,2010 Mahendra Mallya Wild Torronaado ‘Swept Away’ the Edgar Cup
12 December 22,2010 Epsom Ace Delphi, Oceanaire Set up C. Alford’s Double
13 December 22,2010 Mirror Image Ohiyesa Survives The Guided Missile
14 December 21,2010 Parjanya Naughty Lass Puts up a Straightforward Show
15 December 20,2010 Mirror Image Fly By Wire Lifts The Mysore Race Club Cup
16 December 19,2010 Mirror Image Iaepetus Carries Top Weight To Victory
17 December 19,2010 Mahendra Mallya Crown Rule, Amaretto Impress on Debut
18 December 19,2010 Mahendra Mallya Ocean And Beyond Calls Rivals’ Bluff
19 December 18,2010 Epsom Ace The ‘Prince’ and Paul Celebrate ‘King’s’ B’day in Style
20 December 18,2010 Pearcey Red Renegade Wins The Karnataka Police Trophy
21 December 17,2010 Pearcey Sun Absolute Shows Remarkable Improvement
22 December 16,2010 Epsom Ace Agent Archie Seals C. Alford’s Double
23 December 15,2010 Mirror Image Edmondo Triumphs In The Negresco Trophy
24 December 14,2010 Parjanya Shub shubh's Winning Chariot Comes to a Halt
25 December 13,2010 Mirror Image A Super Duper Million(aire)
26 December 12,2010 Mahendra Mallya Dr Vijay Mallya’s Siachen Wins Indian 1000 Guineas
27 December 12,2010 Mahendra Mallya Suspension Mars Sandesh’s Brilliant Show
28 December 12,2010 Mirror Image Oh, What an ‘Astounding Gallop’
29 December 11,2010 Pearcey Sun Kingdom Redeems His Reputation
30 December 10,2010 Mahendra Mallya Moonlight Romance, Siachen Popular ’Jodi’ For Guineas
31 December 9,2010 Mahendra Mallya Shyam Habbu Chalks First Win at Mahalaxmi
32 December 8,2010 Epsom Ace Ming Was Handled Expertly
33 December 7,2010 Parjanya Kiana Sheds Maiden Status in 1000 Guineas
34 December 6,2010 Mirror Image Elzaam Lifts The Mica Empress Cup
35 December 5,2010 Mirror Image Above The Line On Top Of The Page
36 December 5,2010 Mahendra Mallya Flaming Arrow Finds The Target, Finally!
37 December 4,2010 Mahendra Mallya Put On Your 'Snow Coat', It’s X’mas at Mahalaxmi
38 December 3,2010 Pearcey Captivating Outpaces a Classy Field
39 December 3,2010 Epsom Ace Xisca Leaves the Field Cold
40 December 2,2010 Mahendra Mallya John, Scarface, Janardhan Pull off Solid Coup
41 December 1,2010 Mirror Image Daring Dynamite Blasts Off Successfully
42 November 30,2010 Parjanya Shub Shubh Retains The Champion Sprinters Title
43 November 30,2010 Pearcey Admiralofthefleet Arrives In India
44 November 28,2010 Epsom Ace Alice Springs No Surprises
45 November 28,2010 Mirror Image Vijay Dhanush Torpedoes To Victory
46 November 27,2010 Pearcey Siachen Is An Exceptionally Talented Filly
47 November 26,2010 Pearcey Lady Duff Resumes Her Winning Ways
48 November 26,2010 Mirror Image ‘Young Achiever’ Award for Suraj Narredu
49 November 25,2010 Mirror Image Beggy Begins With A Double
50 November 25,2010 Mahendra Mallya Freak Rains Forces Cancellation of Thursday’s Races
51 November 22,2010 Mirror Image Kohinoor Wish Wins With Ease
52 November 21,2010 Mirror Image Vijay Damini The Showstopper At The Guineas
53 November 21,2010 Mahendra Mallya Aristos Endorses His Superiority Over His Rivals
54 November 20,2010 Mirror Image John Hits A Bulls-eye on Shotgunn
55 November 20,2010 Epsom Ace Rimpuche Does the ‘Cha Cha Cha’
56 November 19,2010 Epsom Ace Doubles for C Alford and Kadam
57 November 19,2010 Mirror Image Kingdomofdreams Gives Nightmares to Punters
58 November 18,2010 Mahendra Mallya Eloise Carves Out a Sizzling Win
59 November 18,2010 Indiarace Bureau Disheartening to Confront Petty Miscreants
60 November 17,2010 Parjanya Master Blaster Shines, Kiana Flops Once Again
61 November 16,2010 Mirror Image War Head On A Successful Mission
62 November 15,2010 Mirror Image Scubarioo Lifts The P. Veereshwar Rao Memorial Cup
63 November 14,2010 Mirror Image Tristar Sparkles at Malakpet
64 November 14,2010 Mahendra Mallya Ciel Indienne Makes A Winning Start
65 November 14,2010 Epsom Ace Art Excellence Finds Her Galloping Shoes
66 November 13,2010 Racing Correspondent Immense Lives Up to Expectation
67 November 12,2010 Pearcey Aprillia Skips Away to a Fluent Victory
68 November 12,2010 Parjanya Shub Shubh Bears 62 kg En Route to Hat-trick
69 November 11,2010 Mahendra Mallya Well-groomed’ Mumbai Season Gets the Leg-up
70 November 10,2010 Epsom Ace Vijay, C. Alford Notch up Trebles
71 November 9,2010 Parjanya Movie Queen Shows Clean Pair of Heels
72 November 7,2010 Mirror Image Vijay Damini Proves Her Mettle
73 November 7,2010 Pearcey Silvestre Desouza Joins The "Elite Group"
74 November 6,2010 Pearcey String Along Distinguishes Herself In Class One
75 November 4,2010 Parjanya The Rock Ends Winning Drought After a Season
76 November 2,2010 Parjanya Favourite Oeuf Toba Fails to Score
77 November 1,2010 Mahendra Mallya Pune 2010 Had a Perfect Script
78 October 31,2010 Epsom Ace Stephens Double Floors Punters
79 October 30,2010 Parjanya Shubh Shubh Seems Unstoppable, Proves His Supremacy
80 October 28,2010 Epsom Ace Arti, Pesi may sideline local talent
81 October 26,2010 Parjanya Beatrice Raises A Winning Gallop
82 October 25,2010 Mirror Image Kohinoor Wish In Irresistible Form
83 October 24,2010 Pearcey A Rare Mishap Disrupts The Poonawalla Mysore Derby
84 October 23,2010 Pearcey Ice Mint Completes a Superb Hat-trick
85 October 23,2010 Mahendra Mallya Cabriolet Ends Pune Campaign with New Record
86 October 22,2010 Mahendra Mallya Suraj Shines Bright and Bonny Light Glows
87 October 21,2010 Parjanya Nothing Sudden About Sudden Impact’s Victory
88 October 19,2010 Parjanya Lilly Starts Campaign on a Winning Note
89 October 18,2010 Mirror Image Easy Touch Posts a Comfortable Win
90 October 17,2010 Mirror Image The Golconda St. Leger 2010 – “Leave It To Me”
91 October 17,2010 By Epsom Ace Mallya Colours Take Calcutta by Storm
92 October 17,2010 Mahendra Mallya Kunigal Stud’s 2 Year-old is ‘Class Apart’
93 October 16,2010 Mahendra Mallya Queen Blackjack Deals An Ace
94 October 16,2010 Mirror Image War Head On A Successful Mission
95 October 15,2010 Pearcey Star Assembly: A Successful Debut in Higher Company
96 October 14,2010 Pearcey Braavo Heads a "Procession" In The Daisy Appoo Cup
97 October 13,2010 By Epsom Ace Silver Fox Seals Titles for Vijay, C Alford
98 October 11,2010 Mirror Image Ave Maria Finds No Opposition
99 October 10,2010 Mahendra Mallya Portrush Wins Clocking Season’s Best Timing
100 October 10,2010 Mahendra Mallya Ocean And Beyond Basks in the Sunlight
101 October 10,2010 Mahendra Mallya Ocean And Beyond for The Nanoli Stud Pune Derby
102 October 9,2010 Mahendra Mallya Ocean Wish Wins Keeneland Fillies Stakes
103 October 9,2010 Mirror Image Strategic Command Wins in Stewards Room
104 October 8,2010 Pearcey Diamond Hunter Loves The Mysore Track
105 October 7,2010 Pearcey Ready To Mingle Defies Her Winning Penalty
106 October 6,2010 Epsom Ace Burst Of Speed Lives up to Her Name
107 October 5,2010 Pearcey Immense Justifies Arjun Mangalorkar's Confidence
108 October 4,2010 Pearcey Star Assembly Posts a Bloodless Victory
109 October 3,2010 Mahendra Mallya Sans Pareil - Another ‘Outsider’ Seizes the Plum
110 October 3,2010 Epsom Ace ‘Alice’ Has Her Day in wonderland
111 October 3,2010 Mirror Image Runaway Victory for Captivating
112 October 2,2010 Mirror Image She Came, She Saw, She Conquered
113 October 2,2010 Mirror Image Upsets Galore on Derby Day
114 September 29,2010 Pearcey Sprint Star Lifts Maharaja's Gold Cup
115 September 28,2010 Mirror Image Ave Maria Back to Winning Ways
116 September 26,2010 Mirror Image Sparks Fly in The Deccan Chronicle Gold Cup
117 September 26,2010 Mahendra Mallya Heiress Inherits Panchshil Million
118 September 25,2010 Mahendra Mallya Atlantus Gallops Away With Ruia Gold
119 September 24,2010 Parjanya Rains and Games Play Havoc with Delhi Races
120 September 23,2010 Pearcey Cruising Resumes Her Winning Ways
121 September 22,2010 Epsom Ace Fine Trebles for Kadam, Imran
122 September 20,2010 Mirror Image ‘Ray’ Of Success to Hilton Sequeira
123 September 19,2010 Mirror Image Aristos Sets A New Record in A.P. Chief Minister’s Cup
124 September 19,2010 Mahendra Mallya Palazzo Grazioli Wins Piaggio Million in a Thriller
125 September 18,2010 Mahendra Mallya Spark Of Gold Glitters on Pune Track
126 September 18,2010 Epsom Ace Arktouros Clinches It For C Alford
127 September 18,2010 Ranavir Bose IT’S ‘CHAMPAGNE TIMES’ ONCE AGAIN!
128 September 16,2010 Pearcey Ready To Mingle Thrives in Soft Going
129 September 15,2010 Epsom Ace ‘Autocrat’ Bharat Reigns in Style
130 September 13,2010 Mirror Image Fly By Wire Completes Hat-Trick
131 September 12,2010 Mirror Image Bloodless Victory for Becket
132 September 12,2010 Mahendra Mallya El Tropico Sizzles, Clocks Season’s Best Timing
133 September 12,2010 Mahendra Mallya Eloise Sails Through Ocean And Beyond
134 September 11,2010 Mahendra Mallya Sexy Eyes Grabs The Attention
135 September 10,2010 Pearcey String Along Nails Couleur Rouge on The Post
136 September 10,2010 Epsom Ace Stephens Finds The Pearl in The ‘Oyster’
137 September 9,2010 Pearcey The Spartan Shows Remarkable Improvement
138 September 8,2010 Pearcey "Status Quo" Till Final Orders
139 September 6,2010 Mirror Image Splendid Act Wins Mir Mujtaba Hussain Memorial Cup
140 September 5,2010 Mirror Image Immense Clinches D.B. Colts Trial Stakes
141 September 5,2010 Mahendra Mallya Juventus Produces His Best to Win Southern Command
142 September 4,2010 Mahendra Mallya Lunar Quest Scores An Emphatic Victory
143 September 4,2010 Epsom Ace Alice Springs into Hall Of Glory
144 September 3,2010 Pearcey Diamond Hunter Springs A Huge Surprise
145 September 2,2010 Pearcey Raptor Force Scores A Runaway Victory
146 August 30,2010 Mirror Image Coral Gables Defies Age
147 August 29,2010 Mirror Image Scionic Triumphs in D.B. Fillies Trial Stakes
148 August 29,2010 Mahendra Mallya Blackjack Sparkles On Her Debut
149 August 28,2010 Mahendra Mallya Heavyweight Mr Greedy Deals a Knock-out Punch
150 August 28,2010 Epsom Ace Arktouros Too Good for Alacrity
151 August 27,2010 Pearcey On A Roll Continues His Winning Ways
152 August 26,2010 Pearcey Corbett Relishes Soft Underfoot Conditions
153 August 25,2010 Epsom Ace Kadam’s Hat-trick Holds Centrestage
154 August 23,2010 Mirror Image Kohinoor Mystic Sets A New Course Record
155 August 22,2010 Mirror Image Kyles Of Bute Wins The A.P. Governor’s Cup
156 August 22,2010 Mahendra Mallya Zafayona Packs a Punch to Clinch Plum Event
157 August 21,2010 Mahendra Mallya Portrush Shows Grit to Win Akkasaheb Maharaj
158 August 21,2010 Epsom Ace Awesome Win for Ryan Marshall
159 August 20,2010 Pearcey Balmoral Castle Wins Mysore Million
160 August 19,2010 Pearcey Atlantus Gallops to a Resolute Victory
161 August 18,2010 Epsom Ace Romantic Impact Gets Back-to-back Win
162 August 18,2010 Mirror Image “I AM PROUD TO BE THE YOUNGEST 1000 WINNER”
163 August 16,2010 Mirror Image Suraj Narredu Joins The Elite 1000 Club
164 August 15,2010 Mirror Image ‘Million’ Wish Comes True for Kohinoor
165 August 15,2010 Mahendra Mallya Floods Of Fortune Wins Independence Million
166 August 14,2010 Mahendra Mallya Highland Crown Wins Paranjape Eve Champion Trophy
167 August 14,2010 Epsom Ace Byramji Double Keeps Punters Happy
168 August 11,2010 Epsom Ace Kadam’s Hat-trick Steals the Show
169 August 10,2010 Indiarace Bureau Running Bull Faced ‘A Freak Accident’
170 August 9,2010 Mirror Image Jewel In The Crown Triumphs
171 August 8,2010 Mirror Image Aphrodisiac Wins in a Cliff-hanger
172 August 8,2010 Mahendra Mallya Starrer Stuns Opposition to Bag Jalnawala Million
173 August 8,2010 Mahendra Mallya Unlucky Ciel Indienne Done in by Harsh Decision
174 August 7,2010 Mahendra Mallya White Knight Wins Gamble for Love Trophy
175 August 6,2010 Pearcey Bangalore Trainers Refuse To Saddle Their Runners
176 August 5,2010 Pearcey Tomsk Storms to a Splendid Victory
177 August 4,2010 Epsom Ace R Alford Was Most “Successful’
178 August 4,2010 Pearcey Chief De Mission Lifts Air Force Gold Cup
179 August 3,2010 Pearcey Guided Missile Wins on the Last Stride
180 August 2,2010 Mirror Image Walnut Creek Shows Class
181 August 1,2010 Mirror Image Deshmukh In Seven(th) Heaven
182 August 1,2010 Mahendra Mallya Arts Smashes Top-class Opposition with Panache
183 July 31,2010 Pearcey Kyles Of Bute Scores a Comprehensive Victory
184 July 30,2010 Pearcey Polish Patriot Runs True To Form
185 July 29,2010 Epsom Ace Castle Queen Wins in ‘Spectacular Style’
186 July 28,2010 Pearcey Master Yoda Lands a Nice Gamble
187 July 26,2010 Mirror Image Leo’s ‘Clever Ploy’ Clicks
188 July 25,2010 Pearcey Magisterial Wins The Bangalore Summer Million
189 July 24,2010 Pearcey Flaming Lamborgini Springs a Surprise
190 July 23,2010 Mahendra Mallya Nefyn Storms to an Impressive Victory
191 July 23,2010 Epsom Ace Doff Your Hat to Vijay Singh
192 July 22,2010 Mirror Image Sprucespringstien Springs A Surprise
193 July 22,2010 Mahendra Mallya Adirajsingh Jodha Makes a Memorable Debut
194 July 21,2010 Mirror Image Hyderabad Monsoon Races Get Underway
195 July 19,2010 Pearcey Cationic Scores a Popular Victory
196 July 18,2010 Pearcey Arabian Prince "Outstays" His St Leger Rivals
197 July 17,2010 Pearcey Magnanimity Scores in a Modest Set
198 July 16,2010 Mahendra Mallya Star of Killarney Cruises to Victory
199 July 15,2010 Mahendra Mallya Arts Darts to an Impressive Victory
200 July 14,2010 Mahendra Mallya Pune 2010 to Offer Richest Stakes Ever
201 July 14,2010 Epsom Ace Palme D’or Deserves Highest Award
202 July 11,2010 Pearcey Moonlight Romance Wins Kingfisher Bangalore Derby
203 July 9,2010 Epsom Ace A Jerky ‘Start’ at Calcutta
204 July 7,2010 Pearcey Countdown Begins for The Kingfisher Bangalore Derby 2010
205 July 7,2010 Mahendra Mallya Bangalore City Gears up for Kingfisher Derby
206 July 6,2010 Epsom Ace A New-look Calcutta Monsoon Season
207 July 4,2010 Pearcey Arabian Prince Ascends The "Maharaja's Throne"
208 July 3,2010 Pearcey Angelfire Graduates to the Highest Class
209 June 27,2010 Pearcey Sirono Nails Carla On The Post
210 June 26,2010 Pearcey Advantage Logan Continues to Improve
211 June 20,2010 Pearcey Sun Kingdom Storms to a Splendid Victory
212 June 19,2010 Pearcey Becket Scores in a Close Finish
213 June 13,2010 Pearcey Siachen Wears The “Fillies Crown”
214 June 12,2010 Pearcey Thundershowers Disrupt Saturday's Racing at Bangalore
215 June 10,2010 Pearcey BTC Running Out of Time
216 June 6,2010 Pearcey Celestial Way Lifts The Chief Minister's Cup
217 June 5,2010 Pearcey Spearhead Canters away to a Bloodless Victory
218 May 30,2010 Pearcey Sprint Star Outpaces His Opponents
219 May 29,2010 Pearcey Carla and Arya Veer are Impressive on Debut
220 May 23,2010 Pearcey Sun Kingdom Storms into Classic Contention
221 May 22,2010 Pearcey Top-Weighted Spark Of Gold Wins a Thriller
222 May 17,2010 Pearcey BTC Authorities Move to Resolve the Stalemate
223 May 14,2010 Pearcey Opening Week's Racing Called Off at Bangalore
224 May 12,2010 Pearcey Archer Makes an Impressive Debut at Mysore
225 May 8,2010 Pearcey Racing Set to Resume at Mysore
226 May 1,2010 Parjanya Rupa Scripts History in Ooty 1000 Guineas
227 April 26,2010 Parjanya Sarir Comes in the Way of Ashwa Panama's Hat-trick
228 April 25,2010 Mahendra Mallya Casino Royale Set up Gaming Tables At RWITC
229 April 25,2010 Prakash Gosavi Mumbai Season Ends on High Note
230 April 24,2010 Prakash Gosavi Antia Emerges 'Star Trainer' over Final Weekend
231 April 23,2010 Prakash Gosavi Spirituall Humbles Rivals
232 April 22,2010 Parjanya Beyond Proves Too Hot to Compare
233 April 19,2010 Parjanya Debutant Perpetual Glory Shows Clean Pair of Heels
234 April 18,2010 Mahendra Mallya Mr Greedy Hogs the Limelight
235 April 17,2010 Mahendra Mallya Silver Sands Makes Most of Blue Thunder’s Absence
236 April 15,2010 Parjanya Shocking Star Stuns with Real Speed
237 April 12,2010 Parjanya Exotic Star Wins Race But Loses Life
238 April 11,2010 Mahendra Mallya Superior Quest Wins Gool S Poonawalla Million
239 April 11,2010 Mahendra Mallya Blue Mellon Capitalizes on Rigel’s Slow Start
240 April 10,2010 Mahendra Mallya Sunlight Wins Bannatwalla Trophy by a ‘Ray’
241 April 9,2010 Epsom Ace David Quartet Puts Him in Lead
242 April 9,2010 Pearcey Change of Guard at The Bangalore Turf Club
243 April 8,2010 Epsom Ace Outsiders Rattle Punters
244 April 6,2010 Parjanya Ka Ching Extends Winning Streak
245 April 6,2010 Pearcey Kunigal Stud Farm Reigns Supreme
246 April 5,2010 Pearcey Young Professionals Dominate Bangalore Winter Season
247 April 5,2010 Parjanya Ashwa Panama Proves His Merit
248 April 4,2010 Mahendra Mallya Sea Star Wins R M Golculdas Gold Cup
249 April 3,2010 Mahendra Mallya Misschevious Trot Blows Harmonica Away
250 April 2,2010 Pearcey Advantage Logan Scores an Emphatic Victory
251 April 1,2010 Pearcey Tuthmosis Completes a Fine Hat-Trick
252 April 1,2010 Epsom Ace Good Double for A Imran Khan
253 March 31,2010 Epsom Ace Ascriptive’s Encore Was on the Cards
254 March 29,2010 Parjanya Ode To Nature Blooms, Finally
255 March 28,2010 Mahendra Mallya Change of Luck Lives up to Her Dam’s Name – Stunning
256 March 28,2010 Mahendra Mallya Diego Rivera Wins Karl Umrigar Trophy
257 March 27,2010 Epsom Ace Rising Hero Tears up the Form Book
258 March 27,2010 Pearcey Awarding Displays Remarkable Improvement
259 March 26,2010 Pearcey Classic Charge Scores a "Tactical Victory"
260 March 25,2010 Mahendra Mallya Cole Race Book Turns 90 This Year
261 March 25,2010 Mahendra Mallya Cambiasso Wins Mehta Trophy
262 March 24,2010 Epsom Ace Fancied Runners Bring Joy
263 March 23,2010 Parjanya Lagunillas Learns Lesson, Wins Handsomely
264 March 22,2010 Parjanya Rabi Kounga Defies Handicap in Higher Class
265 March 22,2010 Pearcey BTC's Petitions Dismissed By The Karnataka High Court
266 March 21,2010 Mahendra Mallya Macchupicchu, Moonlight Romance Reign Supreme
267 March 21,2010 Mahendra Mallya Ocean Emperor Thumps Opposition for Naiade Cup
268 March 21,2010 Pesi Shroff A Tribute To Jacqueline
269 March 20,2010 Epsom Ace A Script that Doused Fire Within
270 March 20,2010 Pearcey Einstein Rediscovers His Old Form
271 March 19,2010 Pearcey Topkapi Shows Remarkable Improvement
272 March 16,2010 Parjanya Rabi Kounga Raises Winning Gallop
273 March 15,2010 Parjanya Real Smasher Gets the Booty
274 March 14,2010 Mahendra Mallya Icebreaker Adds Wadia Cup to Her Tally
275 March 13,2010 Epsom Ace C. Alford Throws A Certain Race
276 March 13,2010 Pearcey Mighty Heart Springs a Surprise
277 March 12,2010 Pearcey Rajendra Steers Magnanimity to an Easy Victory
278 March 12,2010 Mahendra Mallya RWITC Terminates Prof Uppal's Contract
279 March 10,2010 Epsom Ace Corazon and Pintu Take All by Surprise
280 March 9,2010 Parjanya Enya Toils for Top Spot
281 March 7,2010 Ranavir Bose Venga Boys Play Victory March
282 March 7,2010 Mahendra Mallya Indian Racing Awards - A Night of Grandeur
283 March 7,2010 Mahendra Mallya Triumphant Becket, Glorious Jacqueline Thrill All
284 March 7,2010 Mahendra Mallya Aurelian Pips Forest Flair on the Post
285 March 7,2010 Mahendra Mallya Aboline is the Super Mile Champion
286 March 7,2010 Tom Krish Becket Camp Bullish
287 March 6,2010 Mahendra Mallya Palazzio’s Sun Shines, Maseeha Basks
288 March 6,2010 Mahendra Mallya Mahalaxmi Could be Declared a “War Zone”
289 March 5,2010 Mahendra Mallya Chic Bipasha Unveils Vandrevala Logo at RWITC
290 March 3,2010 Epsom Ace Burst of Speed Mocks the Field
291 March 2,2010 Mirror Image Hyderabad Winter Season Concludes
292 March 2,2010 Tom Krish Antonios Suffers Fatal Heart Attack
293 March 2,2010 Parjanya Breaking Mould Lifts RP Vohra Memorial Cup
294 March 1,2010 Mirror Image Stunning Performance By Ave Maria
295 March 1,2010 Mirror Image The Champs of Winter
296 February 28,2010 Mirror Image Vijay Damini Walks away with The Alcock Arabian Stakes
297 February 28,2010 Mahendra Mallya Beautiful Stranger Wins Poonawalla Multi Million
298 February 28,2010 Mahendra Mallya Impressive El Tropico Wins Serum Institute Trophy
299 February 27,2010 Epsom Ace Gutsy Aemilia Lifts St Leger
300 February 27,2010 Mirror Image A New Beginning for Suraj Narredu
301 February 27,2010 Pearcey Sun Dancing Scores a Runaway Victory
302 February 26,2010 Pearcey Mother's Pride Survives a Scare
303 February 25,2010 Mahendra Mallya Saint Vincent Demolishes Opposition
304 February 24,2010 Pearcey Behram Wins KROA Cup
305 February 22,2010 Mirror Image Dancing Touch In Rousing Form
306 February 21,2010 Mirror Image Vijay Monarch Wins Godolphin Barb Stakes
307 February 21,2010 Mahendra Mallya Mystic Dawn Wins Forbes India Million
308 February 20,2010 Epsom Ace Outsiders Crush Punters
309 February 20,2010 Pearcey Tsavorite Is a Top-class Filly
310 February 19,2010 Pearcey Ticket To Ride Completes a Superb Hat-Trick
311 February 18,2010 Mahendra Mallya De Sousa Powers Slickkit to Superb Victory
312 February 17,2010 Epsom Ace Anastasia Makes ‘Everybody’ Dance to Her Tune
313 February 17,2010 Pearcey Ansonia Wins with a Measure Of Comfort
314 February 16,2010 Parjanya Faurties Floors the Opposition
315 February 15,2010 Mirror Image Maximise Lifts M.L.N. Reddy Memorial Cup
316 February 14,2010 Mahendra Mallya Icebreaker, Forest Flair Score Decisive Victories
317 February 14,2010 Mirror Image Napoleon Gets Richer
318 February 13,2010 Pearcey Soberano Wins a "Game of Tactics"
319 February 8,2010 Tom Krish Derby Comes to a Fairytale End
320 February 7,2010 Mahendra Mallya ‘Her Highness’ Jacqueline Wins Derby, Conquers Hearts
321 February 7,2010 Mahendra Mallya Keringdingan Makes a Mark on Derby Day
322 February 6,2010 Mahendra Mallya Record Beckons Jacqueline, Becket Stands in the Way
323 February 6,2010 Mahendra Mallya Enjoy Your Day At The Races - It's McDowell Derby
324 February 5,2010 Tom Krish A Mouth-watering Derby in Prospect
325 February 5,2010 Pearcey Diamond Hunter Scores a Narrow Victory
326 February 4,2010 Pearcey Looking To Lead Keeps Theworldismine At Bay
327 February 3,2010 Epsom Ace Star Luxurious Shines Bright
328 February 2,2010 Parjanya Ashwa Paarth Sets a New Course Record
329 February 1,2010 Mirror Image Ave Maria Lifts the Telengana Cup
330 January 31,2010 Mirror Image Arabian Prince Crowned at Malakpet
331 January 30,2010 Mirror Image The Vijay Textiles Golconda Derby Stakes (Grade I)
332 January 30,2010 Pearcey Alacrity Wins The Hoysala Cup
333 January 30,2010 Epsom Ace Castle Queen Reigns Supreme
334 January 30,2010 Madhukar Bhagwan “TO LOVE HORSES WAS MY FIRST LESSON”
335 January 29,2010 Epsom Ace Arkhos Scripts A Fine Win
336 January 28,2010 Mahendra Mallya Delphi Makes an Incredible Debut
337 January 27,2010 Epsom Ace Hattrick for C. Alford
338 January 27,2010 Tom Krish Becket Goes To Mumbai
339 January 27,2010 Pearcey Easy Rider Wins On The Post
340 January 26,2010 Pearcey Becket Poised to "Date" Jacqueline at Mahalakshmi
341 January 25,2010 Mirror Image Rainbow Fog Wins The Feature
342 January 25,2010 Parjanya Solid Gold Shines in Delhi
343 January 24,2010 Mirror Image Iaepetus Lifts The Qutab Shahi Cup
344 January 24,2010 Mahendra Mallya Jacqueline Butchers the Indian Oaks Opposition
345 January 24,2010 Mahendra Mallya Jain-Patel Combine Score a Fine Treble
346 January 23,2010 Pearcey Suraj Narredu Raises The Bar
347 January 23,2010 Epsom Ace Echoes Of Light Smashes Course Rrecord
348 January 22,2010 Epsom Ace Ikaria Wins in Final Stride
349 January 22,2010 Pearcey Guided Missile Asserts His Superiority
350 January 21,2010 Mahendra Mallya Maseeha Wins Byculla Trophy in the Stewards’ Room
351 January 20,2010 Pearcey Behram Beats Princess Nero with Ease
352 January 19,2010 Parjanya Ashwa Paarth Toys with Opposition
353 January 18,2010 Mirror Image Crocodile Hunter Scrapes Through
354 January 17,2010 Mirror Image Aprillia Maintains The Winning Streak
355 January 17,2010 Parjanya Sprint Star Becomes Richest Mile Star
356 January 17,2010 Mahendra Mallya Onassis Dominates His Rivals, Wins Ruia Gold Cup
357 January 17,2010 Mahendra Mallya Gutsy ‘Jockey’ Salman Khan –Undoubtedly Veer
358 January 16,2010 Pearcey Lady Duff Matures Like Fine Wine
359 January 16,2010 Parjanya Keen Tussle on Card for North India Derby
360 January 15,2010 Pearcey Jockey De Souza is in Prime Form
361 January 13,2010 Mahendra Mallya Swahili Romps Home to Win Ahmedbhoy Trophy
362 January 13,2010 Tom Krish Bruckner Wins the Kolkata Derby Going Away
363 January 12,2010 Pearcey Alinski Displays Superb Acceleration
364 January 11,2010 Mirror Image Coral Gables - Twenty-nine At Ten, Not Out
365 January 11,2010 Parjanya No match for Ashwa Pushkar in Colts Trial Stakes
366 January 10,2010 Epsom Ace Bruckner Leaves the Field Standing
367 January 10,2010 Mahendra Mallya “Good Governance is Top Priority” – Vivek Jain
368 January 9,2010 Pearcey David Allan Excels Astride Noble Prince
369 January 9,2010 Epsom Ace Fab Four Target Calcutta Derby
370 January 8,2010 Mahendra Mallya Slickkit, Ecstatica Plunder Respective Opposition
371 January 7,2010 Mahendra Mallya Prakash Pilots MAM’s Superior Quest
372 January 6,2010 Pearcey Nectar Jewel Scores an Encore
373 January 5,2010 Pearcey Short Priced Favourites Fail to Perform
374 January 5,2010 Parjanya Dancing Beauty Makes Ranjeet Splendid Man
375 January 4,2010 Mirror Image Hurricane Bay Emerges Victorious
376 January 3,2010 Mirror Image Leave It To Me Wins The Golconda Oaks 2010
377 January 3,2010 Mahendra Mallya Red Romeo Wins Chief Minister’s Gold Cup
378 January 2,2010 Pearcey Systematic Wins The Bangalore Oaks
379 January 1,2010 Pearcey Favourites Oblige on New Year's Day
380 January 1,2010 Epsom Ace Hall Of Glory, a Winner at Every Post