• Ruffina wins The Sprinters Cup (Gr.1)
  • Azzurro wins The Dr M A M Ramaswamy Stayers Cup (Gr.1)
  • whomakestherules wins The Maj P K Mehra Memorial Super Mile Cup (Gr.1)
  • Kangra wins The Indian Turf Invitation Cup (Gr.1) in record timing
Sl.NoDatePosted ByHeading
1 December 31,2011 Maj. Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd.) Golconda Oaks Gr.2
2 December 31,2011 Pearcey Silken Touch Resumes Her Winning Way's
3 December 30,2011 Pearcey Bourne Supreme Asserts His Superiority
4 December 29,2011 Mahendra Mallya Shroff, Zervan, Rehan and Sandesh Hog Limelight
5 December 28,2011 Mirror Image Swiss Queen Triumphs in the Victory Zone Cup
6 December 27,2011 Parjanya Triumphant Ashwa Jugnoo Saves the day
7 December 26,2011 Mirror Image Ashok Chakra clinches the Deccan Juvenile Million
8 December 25,2011 Mahendra Mallya Onassis Picks Up Jiwajirao Scindia Trophy
9 December 25,2011 Mirror Image Guiding Light Shines Bright
10 December 24,2011 Pearcey Sun Absolute Performs On Expected Lines
11 December 24,2011 Epsom Ace In The Spotlight Makes it a One-Horse Oaks
12 December 23,2011 Major Nargolkar (Retd.) Calcutta Oaks Gr.3
13 December 22,2011 Mahendra Mallya Persian Lily Arrests Blue Sky’s march for DGP Trophy
14 December 21,2011 Mirror Image A Cup of Sweet Memories for Bold Police
15 December 20,2011 Epsom Ace Raznandan Was Cleverly Handled
16 December 19,2011 Mirror Image Plenipotent a ‘Million’aire on Debut
17 December 18,2011 Mahendra Mallya ‘Hugh’ Heart, Richard’s Turf-Romance, Soar Pronto Pronto
18 December 18,2011 Mirror Image Iaepetus Wins The Ghulam Ahmed Memorial Cup
19 December 18,2011 Mahendra Mallya Camacho Scores Comfortable Victory
20 December 17,2011 Pearcey Valahak Runs True To Form
21 December 17,2011 Epsom Ace Dandified mocks Calcutta Gold Cup field
22 December 16,2011 Maj. Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd.) Casino Royale Indian 2000 Guineas Grade-I
23 December 16,2011 Epsom Ace Dandified Faces the Litmus Test
24 December 16,2011 Pearcey Toroloco Makes a Successful Re-appearance
25 December 15,2011 Mahendra Mallya Lyrical Symphony Finds Rhythm, Hits Winning Note
26 December 14,2011 Mirror Image Ice Weapon Freezes the Opposition
27 December 12,2011 Mirror Image Suchiman Wins The Prince Pradeep Cup
28 December 11,2011 Mahendra Mallya Alma Mater Zips Ahead in Sizzling Finish
29 December 11,2011 Mahendra Mallya Ancient Wonder Wins Jaspal Sprint Million
30 December 11,2011 Mirror Image Pedalo Crafts a Stylish Guineas Victory
31 December 11,2011 Mahendra Mallya No Certainty for Radio Mirchi Indian 1000 Guineas
32 December 10,2011 Pearcey Field Marshal Completes a "Classic Hat-Trick"
33 December 10,2011 By Epsom Ace Dandified Warms up for Derby
34 December 9,2011 Maj. Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd.) Golconda 2000 Guineas Grade-II
35 December 9,2011 Epsom Ace Bharath, Trevor Going Great Guns
36 December 8,2011 Mahendra Mallya Vivek Jain Tops RWITC Polls Again
37 December 8,2011 Maj. Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd.) Indian 1000 Guineas Gr.1
38 December 7,2011 Maj. Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd.) Another Guineas Double Header
39 December 7,2011 Mirror Image Lad Lady, a filly with lot of Potential
40 December 5,2011 Mirror Image Canadian Girl Swamps the Opposition
41 December 4,2011 Epsom Ace Rip Van Winkle romps home
42 December 4,2011 Mahendra Mallya Volterra Makes an Impressive Debut
43 December 4,2011 Mirror Image Aphrodisiac Powers her way in the Speaker’s Cup
44 December 3,2011 Epsom Ace Caribbean Queen wins a thriller
45 December 3,2011 Pearcey Sprint Star Cruises Home to an Effortless Victory
46 December 2,2011 Anil Mukhi RWITC Ltd. Creating a Crisis for Breeders
47 December 2,2011 Pearcey Scarlette Sprints Away With The Hoysala Trophy
48 December 1,2011 Mahendra Mallya Dear Henry Endears Himself to His Supporters
49 November 30,2011 Mirror Image Castle King Starts a Promising Career
50 November 28,2011 Mirror Image Elzaam Lifts The Fire Haven Cup
51 November 27,2011 Mirror Image Kohinoor Wish Back to Winning Ways
52 November 27,2011 Mahendra Mallya Onassis Rises to Claim Ardeshir Trophy
53 November 26,2011 Pearcey Southern Bay Trounces Her 1000 Guineas Opponents
54 November 26,2011 Epsom Ace In The Spotlight leaves the Field Standing
55 November 24,2011 Team Indiarace Welcome To the New Look
56 November 24,2011 Mahendra Mallya Sensational Scarface Does it Again
57 November 23,2011 Mirror Image Lad lady keeps her reputation intact
58 November 22,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) One Thousand Guineas Double Header on Saturday
59 November 21,2011 Mirror Image Swiss Don Wins in a Close Finish
60 November 20,2011 Mahendra Mallya Relic Hunter Lands the Plum Event
61 November 20,2011 Mirror Image Surya Lakshmi Wins in Record Time
62 November 19,2011 Pearcey Love Conquers All Wins a Hard Fought Race
63 November 19,2011 Epsom Ace Hat-trick for Trevor, Treble for Shinde
64 November 18,2011 Pearcey Secret Punch Justifies Favouritism
65 November 17,2011 Mahendra Mallya St Catz Triumphs Over Botswana, Orito Impresses
66 November 17,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Golconda 1000 Guineas Gr.2
67 November 16,2011 Mirror Image Billo Rani Wins The Elusive Pimpernel Trophy
68 November 15,2011 Parjanya Master Blaster Pips Ka Ching at Wire
69 November 14,2011 Mirror Image Al Sarraah Denies Celtic Rose a Hat-Trick
70 November 13,2011 Mahendra Mallya Sreekanth Powers Our Chieftain to Audelade Million Win
71 November 13,2011 Mirror Image Guiding Light Turns The Table
72 November 12,2011 Pearcey Oban Floors a Top Class Field
73 November 12,2011 Epsom Ace Shailesh Shinde on full Throttle
74 November 11,2011 Mahendra Mallya Mumbai Braces for Serious Horsing Around
75 November 10,2011 Parjanya Master Harmonica, King of Lords Rule Turf
76 November 9,2011 Mirror Image Darashah The 'Bright Star' Shines on Opening Day
77 November 8,2011 Pearcey Lovely Kiss Strolls Away From Her Rivals
78 November 7,2011 Pearcey Sprint Star Sparkles in The Rajyotsava Trophy
79 November 6,2011 Mirror Image Windsor Manor wins The A.P.Commemoration Cup
80 November 6,2011 Epsom Ace Hall Of Glory Does a ‘Hilliard’ Encore
81 November 5,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Poonawalla Group Noses Out Usha Stud in a Thriller
82 November 3,2011 Pearcey Bangalore Winter Season Commences On Friday
83 November 3,2011 Parjanya Real Speed Gets Better of Equal Luxury
84 November 2,2011 Mirror Image Pedalo Wins The Dubai Cup
85 November 2,2011 Mohit Lalvani A Day of Champions
86 November 1,2011 Racing Correspondent The World Equine Veterinary Association
87 October 31,2011 Parjanya Moongate Man Cashes-in on Opportunity
88 October 30,2011 Epsom Ace Vijay, Christopher Flex Their Muscles
89 October 30,2011 Mirror Image Fopping Wins The Raja Saheb Of Itkyal Memorial Trophy
90 October 28,2011 Epsom Ace All eyes on Dandified on eve of Winter Meet
91 October 28,2011 Parjanya Don't You Dare Makes Merry of the Opposition
92 October 27,2011 Pearcey Alizadeh Springs A Big Surprise
93 October 26,2011 Pearcey Bala's Glory Justifies Favouritism
94 October 25,2011 Mirror Image Astonishing Win for Coral Gables
95 October 24,2011 Parjanya Real Smasher too fast to catch
96 October 23,2011 Epsom Ace Not all fine ’n ‘Dandy’ for Vijay Singh
97 October 23,2011 Pearcey Field Marshal Sets A New Course Record
98 October 22,2011 Mahendra Mallya Cielo Rey Accomplishes ‘Mission Pune’
99 October 21,2011 Mahendra Mallya Ladjadj Lights up Silk Cut, Wins Tattersalls Million
100 October 20,2011 Pearcey Far From Over Re-discovers Her Old Form
101 October 19,2011 Mahendra Mallya Frenchman Anthony Crastus to Ride for Dr. Vijay Mallya
102 October 19,2011 Epsom Ace Vikash Jaiswal’s ‘Wish’ comes true
103 October 18,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Poonawalla Mysore Derby Gr.1
104 October 18,2011 Mirror Image Don Valentino wins The A.P RHOA Trophy
105 October 18,2011 Epsom Ace Tintoretto throws the form-book out
106 October 17,2011 Parjanya Rock Solid Shuts the Door on Harmonica
107 October 16,2011 Mahendra Mallya Shivalik Hero Wins Irish Thoroughbred Million
108 October 16,2011 Mirror Image Allez Vite Wins the Golconda St.Leger
109 October 15,2011 Mahendra Mallya Doi Moi Survives a Close ‘Call’
110 October 14,2011 Pearcey Arabian Prince Wins A Stirring Duel
111 October 13,2011 Epsom Ace Unleashed pulls it off
112 October 13,2011 Pearcey Atlantus Maintains His Fine Form
113 October 12,2011 Epsom Ace C. Alford cashes in on Bayberry
114 October 11,2011 Parjanya Master Belief Proves Her Mettle
115 October 11,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Golconda St. Leger Gr. 2
116 October 10,2011 Mirror Image River Side Survives a Scare
117 October 10,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Razeen's Unique Feat
118 October 9,2011 Mahendra Mallya Ladjadj Stephane Ignites Attila for a Sizzling Victory
119 October 9,2011 Indiarace Bureau Assorted Fancies Point to Open Derby
120 October 9,2011 Mahendra Mallya Brilliant Hills And Stars Dazzles with a Blinder
121 October 8,2011 Mirror Image Aloisia Wins Blue Ice Plate
122 October 8,2011 Mahendra Mallya Ancient Wonder Thwarts Rajasthan Royals’ Aggression
123 October 7,2011 Epsom Ace Shershah Romps Home in Great Style
124 October 7,2011 Mirror Image Optimus Prime Dazzles to add glitter to 'Mysore Dasara'
125 October 6,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Nanoli Stud Pune Derby Gr.1
126 October 5,2011 Parjanya Real Smasher Holds off Red Reef on Wire
127 October 5,2011 Mahendra Mallya Shroff Opts for Legal Recourse
128 October 4,2011 Pearcey Dramatic Dancer Posts a Surprising Victory
129 October 3,2011 Mirror Image Vijay Damini races to Melbourne Glory
130 October 2,2011 Mahendra Mallya Ciel Indienne Tames Star Trainer
131 October 2,2011 Mirror Image In The Spotlight Shines Bright
132 October 1,2011 Epsom Ace Dandified pockets season’s plum in common canter
133 September 30,2011 Mahendra Mallya Saturday’s Pune Races on be Held on Sunday
134 September 30,2011 Pearcey Field Marshal Dominates The 2000 Guineas Battlefield
135 September 29,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Deccan Derby
136 September 29,2011 Pearcey Rip Van Winkle Continues To Improve
137 September 28,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Calcutta Monsoon Derby
138 September 27,2011 Epsom Ace Mumtaz too good for Zillionaire
139 September 27,2011 Mirror Image Vijay’s Angel Lifts The Deccan Chronicle Gold Cup
140 September 27,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Mysore 2000 Guineas
141 September 26,2011 Parjanya Ashwa Prabha Shows a Clean Pair of Heels
142 September 25,2011 Mahendra Mallya Lake Michigan Scores Authoritative Victory
143 September 25,2011 Mahendra Mallya Macchupicchu Surmounts Ultimate Endurance Test
144 September 25,2011 Mirror Image Iaepetus Wins the A.P.Chief Minister’s Cup
145 September 24,2011 Epsom Ace Clear Mandate won untroubled
146 September 24,2011 Mahendra Mallya Jagit Singh’s Rajasthan Royals Powers to Victory
147 September 23,2011 Pearcey Day's Feature Ends In A Rare Dead-Heat
148 September 22,2011 Pearcey Red Indian Causes A Stunning Upset
149 September 21,2011 Epsom Ace Rising Hero pips Work Force
150 September 20,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) The McDowell Signature Indian St. Leger
151 September 20,2011 Parjanya Shocking Star and Kiana dominate the features
152 September 18,2011 Mirror Image Ordained One Captures The President of India Gold Cup
153 September 17,2011 Mirror Image Devil’s Advocate Scores an Encore
154 September 17,2011 Mahendra Mallya Star Trainer Confounds All Calculations
155 September 16,2011 Mahendra Mallya Camacho Ekes Out a Cheeky Win
156 September 15,2011 Pearcey One Life To Love Shows Remarkable Improvement
157 September 14,2011 Epsom Ace Arbroath lifts Sweet Senorita Trophy
158 September 14,2011 Pearcey M.A.M Wins Sixth Successive Mysore 1000 Guineas
159 September 13,2011 Epsom Ace Zillionaire Proves too Speedy
160 September 12,2011 Mirror Image Royal Shaan Marches ahead with ease
161 September 11,2011 Mahendra Mallya Macchupicchu Peaks at the Right Time
162 September 10,2011 Epsom Ace Dandified leaves the field standing
163 September 10,2011 Mahendra Mallya Cardinal Din at Pune Racecourse
164 September 10,2011 Mirror Image Alberton Star & Napoleon Share the Honours
165 September 10,2011 Mahendra Mallya Bullet Finally Hits the Bulls-eye
166 September 6,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Who Will Win The Mysore 1000 Guineas?
167 September 6,2011 Epsom Ace Kudos to the Unassailable ‘Double-A’ Team
168 September 5,2011 Mirror Image Elzaam Gallops to Glory
169 September 4,2011 Mirror Image Super Duper Reigns Supreme
170 September 4,2011 Mahendra Mallya Native Knight Wins Fight to the Finish
171 September 3,2011 Mahendra Mallya Of Boldenone Judgement and Suspensions
172 September 2,2011 Pearcey Sprint Star Continues To Sparkle
173 September 1,2011 Pearcey Spark Of Gold Gets A Scare
174 August 31,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Picasso is The Pick
175 August 31,2011 Parjanya Qureshi Helps Lilly Bring Out The Best
176 August 30,2011 Epsom Ace Brief Encounter Proves ‘Best Of All’ on Handicap
177 August 30,2011 Mahendra Mallya Gavel Comes Down on The Boldenone Case
178 August 29,2011 Mirror Image Rapture Of Victory Lifts The Mysore Race Club Cup
179 August 28,2011 Mirror Image Practicallyperfect Dons The Fillies’ Sash
180 August 28,2011 Mahendra Mallya Strelitzia Crowns Herself Undisputed Queen Mare
181 August 27,2011 Epsom Ace Shezad, Mohit Share Honours on Day of Upsets
182 August 27,2011 Mahendra Mallya Maddox Smashes Opposition with Awesome Display
183 August 26,2011 Pearcey Dance N Celebrate Wins With Ease
184 August 24,2011 Mahendra Mallya Boldenone Case Verdict Expected Next Week
185 August 24,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Windsor Manor Sets The Standard
186 August 24,2011 Mirror Image Kansas City Mac A Runaway Winner
187 August 23,2011 Parjanya Ashwa Pallvi stuns, Raza Surprises on Amity
188 August 22,2011 Mirror Image Notredame Sprints to Victory
189 August 21,2011 Mirror Image Neil Darashah Mounts His Show at Malakpet
190 August 21,2011 Mahendra Mallya Snow Blaze Scorches Turf, Destroys Opposition
191 August 20,2011 Mahendra Mallya Racing Fans Treated to a Smashing Debut
192 August 19,2011 Mirror Image Southern Bay Wins Jalnawala Mysore Million
193 August 18,2011 Mirror Image Rare And Precious Asserts His Superiority
194 August 17,2011 Epsom Ace Christopher, Shezad share the limelight
195 August 15,2011 Mahendra Mallya “Enlightenment is The Special One for Me” - Malesh
196 August 15,2011 Mirror Image Vijays Conquer Wraps up The Million
197 August 14,2011 Mahendra Mallya Courageous Cabriolet Stands His Ground
198 August 14,2011 Mirror Image Ordained One Wins The Nizam’s Gold Cup
199 August 14,2011 Mahendra Mallya Picasso Brushes Aside Rivals with a Gutsy Display
200 August 13,2011 Epsom Ace Khaitan-colours Call the Shots
201 August 12,2011 Pearcey Spearhead Wins In A Common Canter
202 August 11,2011 Pearcey Hatsuhana Shows Remarkable Improvement
203 August 9,2011 Epsom Ace Shailesh Shinde Scores a Hat-trick
204 August 8,2011 Mirror Image Walnut Creek Lucky to Scrape Through
205 August 7,2011 Mirror Image Classy Iaepetus Feels Raptures of Victory
206 August 7,2011 Mahendra Mallya Cardinal Makes a Swashbuckling Debut
207 August 6,2011 Mahendra Mallya Lake Winnipeg Wins The Potential Champion Trophy
208 August 5,2011 Pearcey Sprint Star Lives Up to His Name
209 August 4,2011 Pearcey Sun Absolute Wins The KN Chennabasappa Memorial Cup
210 August 3,2011 Mirror Image Vigoroso Packs a Surprise Punch
211 August 2,2011 Epsom Ace Regal Classic Was Ace up David’s Sleeve
212 August 1,2011 Mirror Image Vijay Damini Wins The Stewards Cup
213 July 31,2011 Pearcey In The Spotlight Causes A Stunning Upset
214 July 30,2011 Epsom Ace Caribbean Queen sets the ‘Record’ Straight
215 July 30,2011 Pearcey One Life To Love Wins In Effortless Fashion
216 July 29,2011 Mahendra Mallya Spirited Mighty Crusader Bags The Chakori Trophy
217 July 28,2011 Mirror Image Elzaam Prevails in a Close Finish
218 July 28,2011 Mahendra Mallya Elizabeth Posts an Impressive Victory
219 July 27,2011 Mirror Image Incredible ‘Rapture of Victory’
220 July 26,2011 Epsom Ace Apprentice Tamang Shows the Way
221 July 25,2011 Mirror Image Classy Solmaz Wins in Style
222 July 24,2011 Pearcey Xisca Canters Away From Her St Leger Rivals
223 July 23,2011 Pearcey Valahak Rewarded For His Consistency
224 July 22,2011 Mahendra Mallya Beautiful Stranger Displays Class and Speed
225 July 21,2011 Mahendra Mallya Oriental Dawn Takes Home Season’s First Trophy
226 July 20,2011 Mirror Image Red Indian Shows The Way To Princess Nero
227 July 20,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Hard To Oppose Xisca In The Bangalore St. Leger
228 July 19,2011 Epsom Ace Arti Makes an Early ‘Impact’
229 July 17,2011 Pearcey Pronto Pronto Sparkles Under Srinath's Guidance
230 July 16,2011 Pearcey Immense Wins In "Graded" Company
231 July 15,2011 Mahendra Mallya ‘Green Carpet’ Rolls Out as Pune 2011 Gets All Set
232 July 13,2011 Mirror Image Mr Genious Springs a Surprise
233 July 13,2011 Pearcey Syce's End Their Agitation at Bangalore
234 July 12,2011 Epsom Ace Oyster Cove Defies Age Barrier
235 July 11,2011 Epsom Ace State-of-the-art Jockeys’ Room at RCTC
236 July 10,2011 Epsom Ace Calcutta Track All Set to Thunder
237 July 9,2011 Racing Correspondent Syces Union Disrupts Racing at Bangalore
238 July 7,2011 Pearcey A "House-Full" in The Kingfisher Bangalore Derby 2011
239 July 7,2011 Racing Correspondent It's an open race, feel most experts
240 July 6,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) No Outstanding Contender in The Kingfisher Derby Field
241 July 6,2011 Mahendra Mallya Countdown Begins for The Kingfisher Bangalore Derby
242 July 4,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) A Delicate Balance
243 July 3,2011 Pearcey Brilliant Xisca Wins The Maharaja's Cup
244 July 2,2011 Pearcey Christopher Alford Brightens a Dull Afternoon
245 July 1,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) The Twin Pillars
246 June 29,2011 Mirror Image Demanding Format Triumphs on a Day of Upsets
247 June 26,2011 Pearcey Amaretto Makes It Look Very Easy
248 June 25,2011 Pearcey Hatsuhana Gains An Overdue Success
249 June 23,2011 Mirror Image Mystic Enchantress Tames The Field
250 June 22,2011 Mirror Image Definite Believe Best in The Stewards Cup
251 June 19,2011 Pearcey Pronto Pronto Prevails In A Nail-Biting Finish
252 June 18,2011 Pearcey Ordained One Scores an Upset Victory
253 June 15,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Classier Contest in The Colts' Championship
254 June 15,2011 Mirror Image Zanzara Scores An Encore
255 June 13,2011 Mahendra Mallya Watch the Acceleration of the Hooves at 'Hooves'
256 June 12,2011 Pearcey Lovely Kiss Gives Samar His First Classic Victory
257 June 11,2011 Pearcey Immense Floors His Opponents
258 June 9,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd) Summer's First Classic Wears an Open Look
259 June 9,2011 Mirror Image Zanzara Annexes The Varahi Cup
260 June 8,2011 Mirror Image Cilantro Wins The Chamundi Hills Cup
261 June 5,2011 Pearcey Siachen Makes a Smashing Re-appearance
262 June 4,2011 Pearcey Still Will Sparkles under PS Chouhan
263 June 3,2011 Mahendra Mallya Watch Live Telecast of Epsom Oaks and Derby
264 June 1,2011 Mirror Image Haggler Steals The Show
265 May 30,2011 Mahendra Mallya Suraj Narredu Makes His Mark at Arlington
266 May 29,2011 Pearcey String Along Beats Becket in A Thriller
267 May 28,2011 Pearcey Atlantus Adds Another Point to His Tally
268 May 27,2011 Mirror Image Vayuputra Wins The Van Ingen Memorial Gold Cup
269 May 22,2011 Pearcey Speed Six Lifts The Juvenile Summer Million
270 May 21,2011 Pearcey Berlusconi Nails Balmoral Castle On The Post
271 May 18,2011 Mirror Image Emphatic Victory for Honey Buzzard
272 May 15,2011 Pearcey D'artagnan Posts an Easy Victory
273 May 14,2011 Pearcey Carla Scores in a Close Finish
274 May 11,2011 Pearcey Bangalore Summer Season Set to Begin on Saturday
275 May 7,2011 Parjanya Ka Ching Proves His Mettle at Last
276 May 6,2011 Parjanya Master Blaster Puts up A Class Act
277 May 3,2011 Parjanya Favourites Fumble in Small Field
278 May 1,2011 Mahendra Mallya Altamaash, Ashad Asbar Have a Blast on Final Da
279 April 30,2011 Parjanya Amazing Star Shows a Clean Pair of Heels
280 April 29,2011 Parjanya Moongate Man Completes A Quadruple
281 April 28,2011 Epsom Ace Sires Of Substance (S.O.S) : Rebuttal
282 April 27,2011 Parjanya Red Reef Proves His Merits with Authority
283 April 25,2011 Parjanya Warrior Race is Master of The Show
284 April 24,2011 Mahendra Mallya Walk Of Life Decides to Run!
285 April 23,2011 Mahendra Mallya Harlamoff Packs off Rivals in Style
286 April 22,2011 Mahendra Mallya ‘King’ Callow to Ride For King of Good Times
287 April 21,2011 Parjanya Shocking Star Handles Companions Ruthlessly
288 April 20,2011 Mahendra Mallya Kunigal Farm Gets the Green Signal, Chugs through Crisis
289 April 20,2011 Racing Correspondent CM Puts Kunigal Stud Back On Track
290 April 18,2011 Parjanya Miss Burgeon Emerges Fastest Juvenile Sprinter
291 April 17,2011 Mahendra Mallya Sprint Star, Misschevious Trot in a Dramatic Dead-Heat
292 April 16,2011 Mahendra Mallya Ancient Wonder Obliges in Style
293 April 15,2011 Parjanya Moongate Man Shocks Shocking Star at Post
294 April 14,2011 Parjanya Master Harmonica Justifies Top Billing
295 April 14,2011 Major S. Nargolkar Glory Of Dancer - Steady Climb To The Top Halted
296 April 11,2011 Parjanya Devputra Succeeds After a Couple of Seasons
297 April 10,2011 Mahendra Mallya Silk Cut Comes Alive with an Electrifying Finish
298 April 9,2011 Mahendra Mallya Suraj Shines on Mahalaxmi Track
299 April 8,2011 Parjanya Goodwood Park Survives in a Three-way Finish
300 April 8,2011 Epsom Ace Born To Fly Was On a High
301 April 5,2011 Parjanya Alabaster Dazzles, but Favourites Fall Like Nine Pins
302 April 4,2011 Mahendra Mallya Favourite Royal Companion Wins Rustomji Byramji Trophy
303 April 4,2011 Epsom Ace Jaiswal Treble Floors Punters
304 April 3,2011 Mahendra Mallya Martinique Wins Shaman Million With Authority
305 April 3,2011 Epsom Ace Regal Classic Lives up to His Name
306 April 1,2011 Parjanya Abdullah Beats The Tempting Thought
307 March 29,2011 Parjanya Enya Returns to Winning Block after a Season
308 March 28,2011 Parjanya Moongate Man Completes an Encore in Style
309 March 27,2011 Epsom Ace Bizarre Double for Daniel David
310 March 27,2011 Mahendra Mallya Onassis Wins Prive Karl Umrigar Turf Championship
311 March 26,2011 Pearcey Tiberius Wins The Bangalore Juvenile Million
312 March 25,2011 Pearcey Camorra Holds Onto His Slender Advantage
313 March 24,2011 Mahendra Mallya Camacho Posts Handsome Victory
314 March 23,2011 Epsom Ace Star Of Cardiff Outclasses Field
315 March 22,2011 Parjanya Equal Luxury Shows Luxurious Lifestyle in Million
316 March 21,2011 Parjanya Real Smasher Scripts a Resounding Success
317 March 20,2011 Mahendra Mallya Pronto Pronto, Haunting Fantasy Emerge Victorious
318 March 19,2011 Pearcey John Rides A Treble For Arjun Mangalorkar
319 March 18,2011 Pearcey Fame And Glory Wins in A Close Finish
320 March 18,2011 Epsom Ace Arktouros Proves Vijay’s Trump Card
321 March 16,2011 Epsom Ace Bharath-Shinde Notch up Cup Double
322 March 14,2011 Parjanya Awesome Shows Clean Pair of Heels
323 March 13,2011 Epsom Ace Cyrus Madan Steps Down at RCTC
324 March 13,2011 Mahendra Mallya Sixteen Is Indeed Sweet For Native Knight
325 March 12,2011 Epsom Ace Palazzio’s Sun Shines Bright
326 March 12,2011 Pearcey What A Friend Shows Further Improvement
327 March 11,2011 Pearcey Dhariwal Skips Away With A Fine Treble
328 March 10,2011 Parjanya Rock It Performs an Encore in Style
329 March 8,2011 Parjanya The Rock Crushes Quality Assurance
330 March 6,2011 Mahendra Mallya Moonlight Romance Thrives on Mahalaxmi Turf
331 March 6,2011 Mahendra Mallya Mr Greedy Consumes Super Mile, Hogs Limelight
332 March 5,2011 Mahendra Mallya Arabian Prince Shatters Course Record
333 March 5,2011 Mahendra Mallya Nearness Of You Shows Her Mettle
334 March 5,2011 Mirror Image Deshmukh & Chouhan Take The Professional Honours
335 March 4,2011 Mahendra Mallya An Evening of Fun Mixed with Serious Business
336 March 4,2011 Parjanya Golden Route Finds Way at Head Of River
337 March 3,2011 Parjanya Master Harmonica Makes Fillies Dance to Her Tune
338 March 2,2011 Epsom Ace King’s Desire to Win not Curtailed by Age
339 March 1,2011 Mirror Image Alberton Star Twinkles On Last Day
340 February 28,2011 Mirror Image Elzaam Lifts The Circar Cup
341 February 27,2011 Mirror Image Full Mark(s) To Proof
342 February 27,2011 Mahendra Mallya Gallop, Glamour & Gaiety Ushers Poonawalla Day
343 February 27,2011 Mahendra Mallya Caribbean Queen Reigns Supreme
344 February 27,2011 Mahendra Mallya Pasquier Unveils a Picasso Masterpiece
345 February 26,2011 Epsom Ace Fleet-footed ‘Indian’ Downs Cambiasso
346 February 26,2011 Pearcey Magnitude Lifts The Governor's Trophy
347 February 25,2011 Pearcey Cavalry Charge Performs On Expected Lines
348 February 24,2011 Mahendra Mallya Goldie Brown Brigade Glitters at Mumbai
349 February 23,2011 Epsom Ace Impressive Wish Meets with ‘Success’
350 February 23,2011 Mirror Image Queen Of Destiny Dazzles on Last Day
351 February 22,2011 Mirror Image Iron Marshall Lifts The K.R.O.A. Cup
352 February 21,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd.) Placerville - The Great Adversary
353 February 20,2011 Mirror Image Surya Lakshmi Lifts The VIF Godolphin Barb Million
354 February 20,2011 Mahendra Mallya Black Magic Woman Zaps, Elena – Bewitched!
355 February 19,2011 Epsom Ace C. Alford is ‘Poles Apart’ from Rivals
356 February 19,2011 Pearcey Class Apart Wins Bangalore Winter Million
357 February 18,2011 Pearcey Optimus Prime is Back in Form
358 February 16,2011 Mirror Image Precept Lifts The Own Ordain Cup
359 February 16,2011 Epsom Ace Ashridge Lost a Certain Race
360 February 14,2011 Parjanya Rock It Survives a Scary Blow
361 February 14,2011 Mirror Image Vijay’s Angel Cruises to Victory
362 February 13,2011 Mahendra Mallya Cabriolet, Weizhou Bag Graded Races
363 February 13,2011 Mirror Image Windsor Manor Turns a Multi-Millionaire
364 February 12,2011 Epsom Ace Alice Springs a Pleasant Surprise
365 February 12,2011 Pearcey Mighty Heart Repeats on Promotion
366 February 11,2011 Major Srinivas Nargolkar (Retd.) Razeen - A Stallion Sensation of our Times
367 February 11,2011 Mirror Image Red Dawn Lifts The Tranquility Cup
368 February 8,2011 Mahendra Mallya McDowell Signature Indian Derby Signs off In Style
369 February 6,2011 Mahendra Mallya Moonlight Romance Had 25000-plus Swooning
370 February 6,2011 Mahendra Mallya Veteran Diego Rivera Produces a Zestful Run
371 February 5,2011 Mahendra Mallya Picasso Plunders, Scarface Shocks
372 February 5,2011 Mahendra Mallya Attila’s Brilliance – ‘Fusion of the Finest’
373 February 5,2011 Mirror Image Successor Takes Sweet Revenge
374 February 4,2011 Mahendra Mallya Fashion Trends, Glamour and Rich Races at Mahalaxmi
375 February 4,2011 Epsom Ace Vijay’s Treble was the Highlight
376 February 3,2011 Epsom Ace Rivals dance to Strauss’ tune
377 February 3,2011 Pearcey Spearhead Loves To Run Freely In Front
378 February 2,2011 Mirror Image Youre A Legend Wins The Octogonal Trophy
379 February 2,2011 Mahendra Mallya Wadhawan Camp Creating Trophy Space?
380 February 1,2011 Mohit Lalvani The Dummies’ Guide to the Derby
381 February 1,2011 Parjanya Master Belief Stands Tall in Sohna Stud Million
382 January 31,2011 Mohit Lalvani The Most Historic Race in the World
383 January 30,2011 Mirror Image Business Tycoon Lifts the Vijay Textiles Golconda Derby
384 January 29,2011 Epsom Ace Dandified Caps a ‘Champagne’ Show
385 January 29,2011 Pearcey Bhagirathi Ends Sirono's Winning Streak
386 January 28,2011 Mahendra Mallya Dr Vijay Mallya, Vivek Jain Sign Million-Dollar Deal
387 January 28,2011 Mirror Image Lake Emerald Emerges Victorious
388 January 28,2011 Epsom Ace Ballibay Makes It Look Easy
389 January 27,2011 Mahendra Mallya Doi Moi Comes Good With Ease
390 January 26,2011 Pearcey Richard Hughes Powers Sun Kingdom To Victory
391 January 25,2011 Pearcey Clear Mandate Graduates To The Highest Class
392 January 25,2011 Parjanya Real Smasher Wins The North India Derby
393 January 24,2011 Mirror Image Aphrodisiac In A Splendid Act
394 January 23,2011 Mirror Image Iaepetus Completes An Encore In The Qutab Shahi Cup
395 January 23,2011 Mahendra Mallya Moonlight Romance Blossoms, Flirting with Derby
396 January 23,2011 Mahendra Mallya Shirke & Partners’ Amadeus – A Potential Champ
397 January 22,2011 Epsom Ace Arabian Prince Murders Rivals
398 January 21,2011 Pearcey Midtown Magic Performs On Expected Lines
399 January 20,2011 Mahendra Mallya Autonomy Proves Class is Permanent
400 January 19,2011 Mirror Image Miss Ruby Pulverises The Field
401 January 19,2011 Epsom Ace Stewards Make the Right Call
402 January 18,2011 Parjanya Afea Has No Bar of Distance Whatsoever
403 January 17,2011 Mirror Image Strategic Command Lifts Delhi Race Club Trophy
404 January 16,2011 Mirror Image Windsor Manor Richer By A ‘Million’
405 January 16,2011 Mahendra Mallya Ocean And Beyond Shows Tremendous Depth
406 January 15,2011 Epsom Ace Ikaria Scrambles Home
407 January 14,2011 Pearcey Ace Blood Wins The KROA Trophy
408 January 13,2011 Mahendra Mallya Secret Service Packs a Punch on Debut
409 January 12,2011 Mirror Image Jericho Bang On Target
410 January 11,2011 Parjanya Afea Ends Drought with Glittering Display
411 January 10,2011 Mirror Image A Hat-trick Performance By Young Soldier
412 January 9,2011 Mahendra Mallya Classic Contenders Under Drug Cloud
413 January 9,2011 Epsom Ace Prakash’s Prophecy Nearer Realization
414 January 8,2011 Pearcey Cielo Rey Is Back In Prime Form
415 January 7,2011 Mahendra Mallya Martinique Romps Home to Clinch Bahrain Trophy
416 January 7,2011 Epsom Ace Deepak Khaitan Promises Gala Derby
417 January 7,2011 Mirror Image Ave Maria Edges Out Vijay Dhanush
418 January 6,2011 Mahendra Mallya Ciel Indienne Wins the Maharaja Sir Pratapsingh Trophy
419 January 5,2011 Mirror Image Short Priced Favourites Fail to Perform
420 January 4,2011 Parjanya Goodwood Park Rises to Occasion in Jain Jubilee Million
421 January 3,2011 Epsom Ace Disgusted Owners Set to Quit
422 January 2,2011 Mahendra Mallya Old-timer Portrush Wins Fortune Jewels Million Day
423 January 2,2011 Mirror Image String Along Wears The Ladies’ Sash
424 January 1,2011 Pearcey Balmoral Castle Wins On Sheer Class
425 January 1,2011 Epsom Ace New Year’s Day Quadruple for C. Alford