• Ruffina wins The Sprinters Cup (Gr.1)
  • Azzurro wins The Dr M A M Ramaswamy Stayers Cup (Gr.1)
  • Whomakestherules wins The Maj P K Mehra Memorial Super Mile Cup (Gr.1)
  • Kangra wins The Indian Turf Invitation Cup (Gr.1) in record timing

NO TRAINER in the history of Indian racing has made as astounding an impact as Rashid Byramji. The third generation trainer is simply the best in the business. Although, he has won everything that can be won in India, he carries his fame lightly.

``Horse sense, intuition and hard work'', according to the champion trainer are the magic words. But it is a combination of factors that go into making a winner, he says. From selecting and training to good grooming, good stabling, diet, jockey, non-interfering owners, to a good start - the list is endless. But for those like Byramji who have the God's gift of making this endless mix a heady cocktail, there is that pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow. Twelve Indian Turf Invitation Trophy winners inclusive of three hat-tricks besides over 200 classics stand testimony to the excellence achieved by the trainer over 45-years of unbroken supremacy.

The magnitude of Byramji's achievements dwarfs all other trainers in the country. Perhaps it is unfair to compare him with the other trainers in the country as apart from his undoubted brilliance, fortune also favoured him in that he always had the best bred horses in the stable besides the unstinted support of India's who is who of corporate world as his owners and that of the top flight jockeys like Jagdish, Vasant Shinde, Pesi Shroff and Aslam Kader. As the ace trainer himself points out, teamwork and rapport are the essential ingredients of a successful team and this has never been in short supply for him. Today, Byramji has achieved so much that his record will stand the test of time, with his records unlikely to be bettered by anybody in a hurry.

Byramji says that there is no sure formula for success. If you select a good horse, then your task is that much simpler if only for the reason those horses wont't compete against you. An eye for horses is the most essential ingredient for success and this has to be in born. Byramji's greatest assets have been his grasp, intuition and understanding of horses. He is a thorough professional who is capable of getting the best out of his horses at the right time. His methods are very open and there is no hide and seek. He has had an extremely clean record which is difficult to maintain given the kind of suspicions which exist where defeat of favourites is viewed with a lot of distrust. He is a methodical trainer who puts in a lot of effort into his work. And the hallmark of Byramji is his ability to cope with the pressures of big races. There are others who have won classics but not with the consistency of Byramji who has won them regularly at all racing centres in India.

Byramji is undoubtedly a world class trainer but he resisted the temptation to train abroad. ``I wanted to train abroad, particularly in England. I had an offer from the racing manager of Sheikh Al Maktoum stables. But I felt I would not be happy with the climatic conditions in that country.''

Despite 45 years of hard-grind in the field, Byramji's love affair with horses shows no sign of abating. And if his son Darius' enthusiasm and talent is any indication, Byramji's link with horse racing will be etched in golden letters when the history of Indian racing is written.


VASANT SHINDE, the only Indian jockey to have won over 100 Classics

RASHID BYRAMJI is the best trainer in the country. And I think I have more reason to say this. Everybody, his owners, riders - even his rivals would admit it. Give him good horss and see the Byramji magic.

Without him, I would not have achieved what I have achieved today. He is a tough task master. He shaped my career and though many give me credit for some of the big races that I have won, few people know about the excellent strategy worked out by Byramji.

ROBIN CORNER, one of the icons of Indian racing, with close to 2000 winners to his credit and currently a Stipendiary Steward with BTC

Rashid Byramji is not only a top class trainer but also a very fine human being. His exploits in racing speak more eloquently than any words of praise.

In my short association with Byramji, I always appreciated him for giving his riders due importance. He handles jockeys with a great deal of tact. He is one who backs his jockeys to the hilt unlike some trainers who are quick to put the blame for the failure of a horse at the jockey's door. He has faith in his rider's ability and asks how he intends to ride, and instructs accordingly. He never hides the deficiencies or any problem with a horse, and this helps jockeys to ride with better understanding.

PADMANABHAN, one of India's leading trainer

Though he happened to be born in India, and presumably, resisted the temptation to train abroad, the fact is, Rashid Byramji is a world class trainer. As a trainer, he would have made an impact anywhere in the world.

He is an inspiration to other trainers. He is not a trainer who is content to sit at one centre and allow things to happen. He sets out in quest of Classics to other centres.It is this trait that has rubbed off an all of us.

PESI SHROFF, currently India's No 1 jockey

Rashid Byramji's greatest assets have been his grasp, intuition and understanding of horses. He is a thorough professional who is capable of getting the best out of his horses at the right time.

Byramji is a trainer for the big occasion with the perfect big match temperament.